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Apr 24, 2020
Okey Walks Out On Dees.

Craig Hutchison

Whilst Mobbenfuhrer is confident, Pacemaker is angry and Sausageroll is happy, there is one word to describe Okeydoke7 in our latest conversation...Honest. Okey was as open as I have ever heard him in this question and answer interview.

CH: Okey, why have you stepped down after just weeks at the helm of the Dees?
OD7: I feel I have been honest on that point...I will not be active enough over the next 4-6 weeks which are integral for the club. I am not commited enough to deliver all I hoped to do.

There is a perception that this situation at the Demons is laughable. Things look to be in turmoil, then you steady the ship, then throw it back into turmoil again.

I understand why people would think that and I do not fight those claims. All I can say is, I think I have done the right thing by the club at this point.

Why Cooney? Did you even have anyone else?

Yes we do, and Headless was the obvious candidate. In fact, Headless was the first person I thought of. I have a lot of time for Headless and have the most respect for him. But the reason I stepped down was because i knew there was someone who could be more active. Cooney, although rather new to this competition, will guarantee a heap of activity and recruiting efforts, and that is what we need at the moment. He is representative of a young group we have down there.

Okey, the rumour is that you have walked out on the Dees.

The rumour is correct in part. I have requested to be delisted and they have granted my wish. I told you I would be honest with you and that is the honest truth.


Basically TigerGlory wasn't happy with this dragging on which is understandable. It is a distraction and one they don't need. I am delisted, so am now a free agent in every sense of the word. It means that even if I have not made my choice by the cut-off I can sign up as a new player for any club I want.

I have been informed that there are some pissed off teammates.

You have probably been informed right.

What has the communication been like?

Well TigerGlory is taking more of a cold, hardline. Cooney is playing the mediator. But both are making different efforts to keep me. It is like watching good cop/bad cop.

Okey, I have been given a transcript of conversations between the Demons. TG at one point criticised you for "whoring yourself out" and recently said "It is very disruptive to our own agenda to have your future in doubt when the rest of the players are already preparing for next season." EBIAC said "Okey, I'm both shocked and very pissed to hear of your decision."

I am aware of these conversations, as I was part of them.

You suggested that if the Demons built a strong enough list you would be more likely to return. TigerGlory said you had a shocking attitude and shouldn't be holding that over their heads. What do you make of this?

I can't do anything other than tell the truth. You are not in this game for long, you need to make it count. If the Demons can't build up a competitive unit, then I am more of a chance to leave. Call it selfish, call it what you like. But I have put things in place to allow the Demons to build the team and if it doesn't work I move on.

How much of a chance are you to move clubs? Which club would you lean to?

Well at the moment I am not a Demon technically. But I have worked hard to build something there. It would be hard to leave. Guys like TG, Coon, headless, EBIAC. These new guys and girls I have brought to the club. But as I have said, I have been actively talking to other clubs now. That is something I wouldn't have entertained last month. If I choose the Demons, it will be like the returning of the prodical son. But if I move it will be to a club that can offer me good positional opportunities and the most enjoyment out of fantasy footy. I will probably give all of the clubs the chance to answer a few of my questions at some point and decide. Demons, Bombers, Hawks and Dragons are the chances.

Have all of them approached you?

From memory the Hawks and Dragons captains haven't actually formally approached me. However both clubs have shown some form of interest.

If you had to make your decision right now?

I would retire and make a comeback when ready. I don't want it to drag on for attention, I want to make the decision. But I want to give Cooney and TG a chance as co-captains to put things in place and I will see how the club is going. They will go through the same process as other clubs.