AC hot takes


New member
Apr 24, 2020
Lol, ive seen this typa post like 3000 times and its always the same outcome. The reason anyone says that they dont like those amazing creative islands is cuz deep down they believe that they would never be able to make such an island due to them not being as creative and probably not having that much to make somethin like that. So at the end they make a post saying " I think those islands are too much" and stuff like that just so they can make themselves feel a lil bit better about not having an island like that. 99% of people that write this are like that and I used to be 1 of em. Ofc ppl will say its an opinion but this typa opinion is different, its not much the taste of the person, its just how much more effort and thought has to go in into these islands. Not suprising why so many ppl get burnt out when they see such islands. Some stop playin the game, others calm themselves down by saying hey, this isnt my taste.