Bright Memory: Infinite Releases New Trailer for Gamescom


Apr 24, 2020
We already have the new Blue Memory Infinite gameplay

The Future Games Show has left a number of visual effects featuring some of the best titles we will see in the future, and one of those games is very promising Endless Bright Memory, an article we can see at the Inside Xbox event in May.

The game, in addition to the incredible look, was edited by one developer, Xiancheng Zengcuyo, her one-man FYQD studio and if what we had already seen left us wanting to enjoy the title now, a new Anti-employer video makes us want to go to the future and already have it in the digital library.

Uzis swords and samurai swords, Blue Memory Infinite seem to do everything well

Bright Memory, its predecessor, gained impressive sales by becoming an independent developer of the Steam platform. The level of the previous article is more impressive and the information to come Its founder not only taught himself, but also devoted himself to the sport especially during his leisure time.

In an interview with the Brazilian portal The enemy Xiancheng said the following:

“I am a fan of the FPS genre, but these articles are hard to find in China so I decided to make my own game. When I graduated from high school at the age of 18, an acquaintance of mine recommended that I enter a Chinese drama development studio. Although this position gave me some experience, the company’s approach was completely different from building independent games, when it was part of a team. A year later I went to Seasun where I learned a lot about Unreal. “
Blue Memory Infinite does not have a specific release date but is expected to be sometime in 2021, although after seeing this brutal trailer, we hope it will speed up soon.