Carlton to field standalone Reserves Side in 2021

The Boss

Mod Team
Apr 24, 2020
Definitely an interesting comment in the press release by Brad Lloyd in regards to the streamlining of the football department, in particular the coaching area.
This year we had a Head of Development (Luke Power

) and 2 development coaches (Daniel O'Keefe - def & Jason Davenport - fwd). I think Davenport was even stood down during COVID shutdown and I'm not sure if/when he resumed. We never bothered to fill Stanton's old role of midfield development coach when he was promoted in the reshuffle after Bolton's departure.
Hopefully this announcement means we can begin shuffling our assistant coaching ranks.

Would Luke Power

be head coach of the VFL team as he is the Head of Development, or will we hire a designated VFL coach - replacing Josh Fraser 's position?
Huge positive step in regards to development. Means young mids like Dow, Stocker, Philp and Ramsay will be able to develop with proper midfield time instead of competing for scraps after guys like Frank Anderson, Sam Fisher

and Tom Wilson get priority.