Champions league and Europa league thread (General)

Geralt of Sanctuary

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Apr 24, 2020

With this season coming to a end and both CL and EL reaching its climax stage,decided to create this thread and see what's in store for next season.

Starting with eredivisie if I'm not wrong then both PSV and Ajax will have to go through the qualifications to reach the CL and boy they both could be in for a treat as they could come up with some of thecbig names given the how things are unfolding in other leagues.this means one will seeded in the playoffs and other one will have to come through the qualifying rounds. I guess it will be a big task for the runner up but again the coefficient could influence the seeding for the winner. So if Ajax wins eredivisie they could be at a disadvantage.

EPL,I think you can pencil in Leicester and Tottenham and Man City and Arsenal to be 3or 4 or vice versa. Unless Man United wins this week, this is how I would expect the standings to be on the last match day.

Bundasliga,you can pencil in Bayern and Dortmund.3&4 is still up for grabs and it could well be either Hertha,Leverkusan or schalke.all are one or two points behind each other.

Series A. Again Juventus already has one hand on the Scudetto and Roma and Napoli should should battle in out for 3&4.

Spain ,I dont think they will be any suprises from here as top 4 should be barce,Atletico Madrid,Real,Villareal.

France, the race is still on for 3 and it could be either Lyon,Rennes or Nice. This could be tight as the form of Dembele ( Rennes) and Ben Arfa (Nice) have been phenomenal thus far and it could go down to the wire.

Apart from above I will only add Porto from primeira league who should finish third behind sporting.

The rest can come up through qualifying stages.

With this again it looks like it will be second tier competition (EL) for Dutch teams with the chances high both PSV and Ajax will bomb out of CL qualifications.

What do you guys think?????