Cheap or expensive gaming headsets

The Boss

Mod Team
Apr 24, 2020
When it comes to your gaming headsets, do you prefer going for the cheap headsets? Or do you go for the expensive ones with much better sound quality? Currently I am going to cheap route, as I have this cheap Onikuma gaming headset that I got on Amazon for like $25. I've had it for probably 3 years now, and I mostly use it on my PC for audio, but I'm surprised it's worked for so long. Most headsets I purchase die within a year or so.

I wouldn't mind getting an expensive headset one of these days, but I see no point in it. The headset I mentioned is stereo based, so I can also hear game audio and voice chat, and it works quite well. This was the headset I bought - Amazon

I kind of want one of those Razer headsets though, I hear they're really good! 🙂