Chicago v SKC, 10/17.

Geralt of Sanctuary

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Apr 24, 2020

Afternoon game, which is really nice for me, because that means 9:30 pm start time, so watching one live for once. the MLS site predicts the same lineup they predicted last time out.
Gerso, Shelton, Russell
Kindo Busio, Sanchez
Dia, Ried, Puncec, Lindsey
i do think it is safe to assume that Fontas will not start back to back matches. As I assume Pulido is out for travel or quaranteen or whatever reason, I do think it's just about our best lineup.
For Chicago. we will see our old friend CJ. I always liked CJ. They're also starting Calvo and Beric and some other guys. the mystery numbers once again favor SKC, 185 to 135.