Greatest UNSUCCESSFUL comebacks in AFL/VFL history

The Boss

Mod Team
Apr 24, 2020
If a team has a great first quarter then play poorly for the next 3 and lose the game, it's a poor game.
If they play poorly for the first 3 and have a great last one, they made "a great comeback" and got unlucky.

It's a funny game football...
True, all about perception. Ditto a game where one team dominates the first 5 minutes and gets a 3-goal lead. They back-and-forth it after that, alternating goals, and then the other team dominates the last 5 minutes and kicks 4 goals - and wins. You'll hear 'Stole the game', 'heartbreaking loss after dominating all day', even coaches sometimes say 'We were lucky and maybe didn't deserve to win'.
Just because you LEAD the game on the scoreboard for 95 minutes, it doesn't mean you were BETTER for 95 minutes.