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Apr 24, 2020
With over 16 years of history, the 2020 San Diego International Kids' Film Festival supposed to be held in the upcoming August. Unfortunately, due to the global COVID-19 uncertainty, the SDIKFF committee has to postpone this international kids' theme film event just like most of the public events this year.

In the past 16 years, SDIKFF built up its solid reputation with high standard film festival quality and opened the door to all the kids and youth who have a dream of becoming filmmakers someday. From professional-made kids' theme films to kid-made/youth made films, to all the creative screenplays, SDIKFF always welcomes all the brave dreamers to shine on the stage of SDIKFF.

This year, even though we are not sure when will be the firmed date that we could enjoy our life like before, we still encourage all the filmmakers to take this chance and shine on the stage of SDIKFF. COVID-19 might limit the places we can go, but dreams have their own wings and it's never too late to get better and stronger in the fields that you want to join. The former deadline for submission now was extended to September 30th. Any film submitted to SDIKFF before that will be considered as an official selection. Don't let this year sneak away by grounding everyone, SDIKFF has always been providing opportunities to filmmakers from all over the world to compete with the best, to meet the Hollywood professionals, and to walk on the red-carpet proudly with your loved ones.

Meet the professionals, to get your films and scripts to be seen; to encourage your kids to show their talents and stand under the spotlight. The SDIKFF will be your unforgettable memories for sure.

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