New mods for RDR2 (monsters & creatures)

The Boss

Mod Team
Apr 24, 2020
I sadly have the Xbox One version of RDR2, so I can't take advantage of all the mods and fun stuff you can do in the PC version. A modder who goes by 'HermanDude' has released a mod with monsters and creates that you can take out in RDR2. The new additions are:

  • Big Sister
  • Bogeyman
  • Giant Hunter
  • Giant Prisoner
  • House of the Damned
  • King Bear
  • Megalodon
  • Snow Giant
  • Vampires
  • King Alligator

According to the modder, there will be bugs and glitches, as these mods are fairly new and aren't 100% complete. I guess the vampires for example, do not attach with their vampire powers, but instead use pistols like any other enemy. I think the modder plans to eventually mod powers for these characters and creatures so it adds even more fun to the action.

More details on this mod can be found on this article here - DSO Gaming

As well, check out a video some of the mod in action. It's not in english though, but that shouldn't be a problem. They list the names of each one.