Open Last Day - Free Cataloging. Rattan, Imperial and Antique Sets !


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Apr 24, 2020
Catalog Rattan, Imperial and Antique Sets for FREE
No Fee and No Tip Necessary
Comment in post to get a DoDo CoDe :)

Cataloging - Pick up each section, Put it down. That is it! Then go home and select the leaf catalog icon on the bottom
of your nook shopping screen and you can now order everything you've picked up)

Empty Your Pockets! It takes so much more time if you are Juggling, or you could drop one of your items in and accidentally take
one of mine and that ruins it for everyone.

There is a pile of freebies by the airport, Don't take anything until you are done cataloging

The cataloging area is right behind the resident service building. We have made a one-way path through all the sections to catalog to make it as easy as we could. :) So just start on the right side and work your way through. :)

When you are finished cataloging you can Shop and Tour around Ordlinn Cay.
Also go see who is crafting! If see something you'd like to catalog or have any suggestions/requests please just let us know :)


Complete Sets To Catalog Include:
Rattan - Antique - Imperial - Pet Bed - Cat Tower - Cat Grass

Other Thing to Note : Just K.K Here.
The Weather forecast for Ordlinn Cay
12:00 pm: 🍃4 🌤 Sunny 🌈🌈 Double rainbow!
DA 6266-5247-9531