Overview of the US business for the week of July 27th

Geralt of Sanctuary

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Apr 24, 2020
Our Industry News Summary covers the shifting sands of the studio release calendar and the impact it is having on exhibitors. Last week, many studios announced changes to their upcoming film release schedule, most notably Warner Bros. which moved Tenet off its planned 8/12 opening and Disney which moved Mulan out of 8/21. Exhibitors had been planning their theatre re-openings to be up and running in time for these tentpole releases. As a result, most exhibitors are pushing back their theatre re-opening dates, prolonging the current stay in purgatory where the entire industry (and country) finds itself.

We point to the #SaveYourCinema campaign launched last week by NATO to help theaters advocate for government economic assistance to cover them through the uncertain months ahead. We dig into the phenomenon of Pop-Up Drive-Ins, which are sprouting up all everywhere as a safe and sanctioned way for exhibitors to serve up entertainment to their communities. We also note the success of horror films in the current climate. While major studios are holding back their releases, a number of indie distributors have stepped forward to offer low-budget fare - including horror - that has surprised with relatively successful runs.

Our weekly report from Gower Street looks at encouraging signs from international markets. China has started its march to re-open cinemas, with 18% of locations by market share now operating and many more planning to come on line over the weeks ahead. Other Asian markets are even further along, boasting nearly 90% of theatres open. Korea is a particularly bright spot, with renewed interest in movie going fueled by the appeal of a number of major new releases from local Korean studios. In Europe, 70% of cinemas have re-opened, but a key factor limiting box office returns is a relatively meager slate of new releases.

In this week's Hollywood Report, Martin Grove looks beyond last week's news that Tenet and Mulan were moving out of August to focus on the likely release in August of Unhinged. This road-rage thriller from Solstice Studios starring Russell Crowe might be ideal as an early recovery title, given its appeal to younger audiences who are more likely to venture back to theatres in the early days after re-opening.

We conclude with our regular film data tables. The Weekly Film Calendar provides detail on film releases through mid-October. We run down the latest release changes announced last week by major studios and distributors. We list upcoming new features scheduled to debut on major streaming services. We conclude with a list of recent film ratings announcements from the MPAA and important new trailers which were released on-line last week.