PlayStation 5 shows its first commercial

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Apr 24, 2020
PlayStation it has had truly strange commercials throughout its history, especially in its first generations.

It is impossible to forget those disturbing PS3 ads, which tried to show that the console was innovative and even a bit rebellious.

Fortunately, that style of advertising has already been left behind, or at least this is shown by the first commercial dedicated to PlayStation 5.

Sony It still does not reveal exactly when its new console will go on the market, but little by little they are preparing the ground for this announcement.

His latest effort came with a commercial released this week, which is dedicated to showcasing some of the characteristics of PlayStation 5.

We do not tell you more and better we leave it to you below.

This new promo shows us a girl who is immersed in a video game, so it is loaded with special effects.

The main intention is to show some of the characteristics of PlayStation 5, emphasizing 3D sound and haptic controls, with which they promise that you will feel more than just a vibration.

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The bad news is that it does not provide any new details on its launch or cost, so it will remain a mystery for a few more weeks.

PlayStation 5 It is still keeping its promise that it will arrive by the end of 2020, so it still has a few months to reveal it and have its consumers prepare the portfolio.

What makes us happy is to see that they opted for a more sober style of advertising, leaving behind the strange babies we saw with it. PS3. If you do not remember them, we leave you the video.

we hope that Sony make a new announcement very soon, well Xbox Series X He's getting ahead of him and could convince the fans faster.

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