Please Help: New GoFundMe for Goodsport

Geralt of Sanctuary

New member
Apr 24, 2020

There do not appear to have been any donations to the Goodsport cause in the last three days, and we need another 500 bucks, so I would like to broaden a proposal I made over on the Minnesota United board that received no takers.

I have a pair of front row tickets (approximately 30-yard line in pointy ball parlance, opposite player benches), and VIP parking pass, to the Quakes v. Loons season opener at Avaya Stadium on March 3. Value $300. These are great seats, and you will be so close to the action you can place your beer atop the field level electronic ad boards. Will give them up in exchange for $200 donation to the cause. PM me if interested.

If there are other games on the Quakes 2018 schedule that may interest you for visiting the luxury moat, I'm willing to make the same offer, assuming the game is not already spoken for. Most are still available.

Also, if you would like to make a $100 donation in consideration for a single seat in the moat as my guest (I won't bite), same deal. Send me a PM.

Let's get Goodsport his car back!