Positives and Negatives vs Cockburn


Feb 18, 2021
+ T. Kelly 42 possies and 23 contested.
+ Gaff, showed heaps of grunt and put head over the ball
+ Jones. Showed some of the polish and clean touch we hoped/thought he had.
+Darling. Some strong clunks today and caused the Freo defence headaches all day.
+ Brander. Hitting the scoreboard every week and showing us the kid has a bright future.
+ Allen. Went back today and didn’t lower his colours. Huge effort.
+ Witherden. Liking what he is producing so far. Absolute bargain. Thanks again Brissie.
+ Petch. Didn’t touch it much but still did some nice things.
+Rotham. Absolute gun.
+ Edwards. Looked outmanned early but kept fighting and showed some heart.
+ Tackling and hunting the ball.
- Cripps. I’m not one to bag him every week but his selfishness at times really pisses me off.
- Langdon. Just doesn’t look like more than a stop gap sadly.
- Sheed. Did some nice things but far too often he didn’t put the 1% in.

This next bit is for the Freo flogs that love to gloat every time we lose a game and come on here to troll.

Hey dickheads.....

No McGovern
No Hurn
No Barrass
No Yeo
No Shuey
No Flyin Ryan
No Rioli
No Crowds.

11 in a row.

Enjoy your meal tonight and all week at work munching on a huge back of dicks.