Reboot Camp totally ready for the world premiere at the prestigious Austin Film Festival

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Apr 24, 2020

"Reboot Camp" competes for Comedy Vanguard Award let us wish best of luck to the team, David Lipper, one of the film's producers, has already had two films which were part of Bruno Chatelin's BEST FOR FESTS Selection, winning over 20 awards on the festival circuit...

The film also competes for audience favorite; tickets will be available from October 24th

REBOOT CAMP (Sects Sell)

Written and Directed by Ivo Raza​

with an incredible cast starring: David Lipper, Maya Stojan, Keli Price, Ed Begley Jr., Lindsey Shaw, Maxim Roy, Pierson Fodé, with Ja Rule and David Koechner, and also Chaz Bono, Shar Jackson, Eric Roberts, Eddie McClintock, as well as Daniel Nguyen, June Lee, Billy Morrison, Kipp Tribble, plus Jessica Belkin, Melanie Marden, Rachelle Carson, Ximena Córdoba, along with Johnny Bananas, Nicole Aniston, Michelle Argyris, and Eliza Roberts.

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Running Time: 97 minutes Watch the trailer

Brothers Seymour and Danny Barr start a fake self-help group to document how easy it is to manipulate people. But once started, the Reboot Camp takes on a life of its own, growing into a full-blown cult.

After losing his life savings and his wife to a self-help guru, Seymour (Lipper), is on a mission to expose false prophets who fleece people for money. He teams up with his brother Danny (Price), a filmmaker, and they start a fake self-improvement group called Reboot Camp. They plan to document the entire process on film and showcase the falseness of it all, as well as, they hope, make an award-winning documentary.

While Seymour transforms into the charismatic Gordon St. Pierre (Lipper), a larger than life persona who teaches a path to bliss through a process called “rebooting,” Danny films everything. They succeed handsomely as even the most ludicrous group activities are met with unbridled enthusiasm from the members. But as more and more people join, Seymour and Danny must request additional funds from the producer (McClintock), who pushes them to hire his niece Claire (Stojan) to supervise.

Log Synopsis {SPOILERS}: After losing his wife and his life savings to a self-help guru, Seymour is on a mission to expose false prophets who fleece people for money. He teams up with his brother Danny, a filmmaker, and they start a fake self-help group called Reboot Camp. Seymour transforms into the charismatic French-Canadian, Gordon St. Pierre, a larger than life persona who teaches a path to bliss through a process called REBOOTING, as Danny films. They succeed handsomely as even the most ludicrous group activities are met with unbridled enthusiasm from the members.

As Reboot Camp grows, Seymour and Danny must request additional funds from the producer Cooper, who forces them to hire his niece Claire (a failed actress) to supervise. Claire realizes this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and wants to turn Reboot Camp into a for-profit self help empire. While Danny is vehemently against this new direction, Claire helps Seymour achieve celebrity status, turning him into “Sherpa Gordon," a veritable guru sought after by the Hollywood elites. While Seymour starts believing in his own "healing" powers, Claire sets Danny up and kicks him out of the camp.

With Danny gone, Seymour starts seeing what happened and attempts to right the wrong by exposing the falseness of the whole project. To his surprise, no one will believe him. Everyone thinks this is just another step in the REBOOTING process. Upon realizing Claire set Danny up, Seymour leaves the camp and reunites with his brother. They attempt to break up the camp, but Claire has too many believers and they can’t stop the monster they created.

Director’s Statement

Ivo Raza

When I set out to write a yet-to-be-named film, I gave myself 3 parameters, first, the story had to be based in a single primary location (so that it can be produced on an indie budget), second, it couldn’t feel claustrophobic (as single location films often do), and third, the comedy had to mean something, yet couldn’t be preachy (no pun intended).

Enter Reboot Camp…

I’ve always been fascinated with the inner workings of secret groups and cults. And particularly with the abilities of their charismatic leaders in making people believe just about anything. This made me want to make a film about a fake self-help guru.

Before writing the screenplay, I had preconceived notions and judgments about the “types” of people who fall for false prophets and fake gurus. By the time I was finished with the research, I had completely changed my mind; almost anyone could be manipulated under the right circumstances. Because people don’t join cults. People join social groups that are fronts. They are promised answers to life’s complex questions. They are a given a place where they can belong. And, ultimately, they are seduced by the idea of spiritual enlightenment.

There is a literal playbook on which this seductive manipulation is based (love-bombing, renaming, financial exploitation, etc.) and these key areas serve as the basic structure for the film.

But being that it is a satire, the story is turned around in an ironic twist, and has the fake guru himself fall for a charismatic person and losing control of the camp. Throw in a family rift caused by this, and we have a veritable Frankenstein of social engineering…a monster that turns into the very thing it was supposed to prevent.

As a filmmaker I am attracted to exploration through comedy. Great comedies have always done that. Films like The Great Dictator, Being There, and Bob Roberts come to mind… they entertain but they also examine societal issues. My hope is that Reboot Camp has done the same.

About the Film


Plastic shamanism can be highly profitable for those who develop a “cult” following. The film exposes this truth in a humorous way, while also showing the flip side; that people long to be a part of something, regardless of the cost.

The documentary that is central to the film leaves our heroes with a trove of intimate footage depicting the great lengths camp members go to in order to be accepted by the leader. The interviews, which were conducted after the fact, help weave the story together.

The Cast

Whether celebrities like Ja Rule, David Koechner, and rocker Billy Morrison, and couples like Eric and Eliza Roberts and Rachelle and Ed Begley Jr., or regular campers like Herbert (Chaz Bono), Maisey (Lindsay Shaw), Anita (Shar Jackson), Reboot Camp is home to anyone looking for personal growth. And they are growing in some direction every day.

The ensemble cast is lead by David Lipper in the dual role of Seymour Barr and Gordon St. Pierre.


Reboot Camp treads the line between truth and fiction. It is a tongue-in-cheek satirical comedy in the vein of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Best In Show, Modern Family, This Is Spinal Tap and other fictional documentaries/mockumetaries.

The cinematography needed to reflect this immediate, catching-action-in-the-moment style, as opposed to more traditional setups and coverage. The film had to look and feel like it was shot as the story was unfolding. Cinematographer Derrick Cohan handled this beautifully and intuitively, shooting with two cameras to make sure we had plenty of coverage for the edit.


The Reboot Camp is a location, so finding the right one was absolutely crucial to the story. After plenty of location scouting, we ended up in Woodland Hills at the old Frank Sinatra mansion, which was not only full of vintage decor, but offered multiple interiors and exteriors, ideal for a variety of camp activities and sessions.

Additional exteriors were shot in Van Nuys, Venice Beach and Santa Clarita.


The music was written and composed by Erick Schroeder, who beautifully weaved different styles, genres and instruments to reflect the diversity of the camp, and the pacing of the story. The score was supplemented by several indie songs.

About the Filmmakers

Ivo Raza: (Writer/Director/Producer)

Bernard Azer (Executive Producer)

Alan Braverman (Executive Producer)

Robert A. Daly (Co-Executive Producer)

George Folsey Jr. (Executive Producer)

Steve Gentry (Executive Producer)

Andrea Lipper (Executive Producer)

James Johnston (Producer) Jim Johnston is an Emmy Award winning show runner of reality series, documentaries, and children’s television. Best known as the longtime producer of MTV’s The Real World. He won an Emmy as the producer/director of NBC’s groundbreaking docu-soap Starting Over, where women re-invented their lives with the help of life coaches. Jim produced numerous series and specials for MTV including the acclaimed MTV documentary Return to Duty.

June Lee (Associate Producer)

Tim Alek Mulley (Executive Producer) Tim Alek has been an entrepreneur since he was 15 and has had a successful career as a musician, touring all over the world. He's been written about in Forbes, yahoo finance and is an angel investor and partner in an eclectic portfolio of industries including cannabis/hemp, e-sports and film. He has recently executive produced his first feature and is becoming more active in the film industry as a music supervisor and producer.

Keli Price (Co-Producer) Keli Price is best known for his roles as Chris Abeley in the Warner Bros. comedic film The Clique, and Zak in the DreamWorks/AwesomenessTV musical series, Side Effects. He’s currently starring in five films that are set to be released in 2021. Among them, is the new superhero feature The Hyperions with Cary Elwes. Price plays opposite Elwes as the villain, Ares. He’s also starring in Underdogs Rising alongside Chris Pang (Crazy Rich Asians, Charlie’s Angels) and in Infamous Six with Armand Assante. He is currently playing the role of Kris Harper on the Snap Chat/Quibi original series, Two Sides. Price recently directed and produced the feature documentary On Thin Ice which was recently acquired by Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures/Freestyle.

David Roberson (Co-Producer) David Roberson has been an Entertainment Publicist for 20 years, based in Los Angeles. He got his start at premiere entertainment PR firm PMK. Roberson specializes in all aspects of film and TV publicity, including unit publicity, and is also an EPK/Behind the Scenes producer. He has been a producer on two award-winning short films and over 10 feature films. As a publicist, he has worked with Academy-award winning talent, award winning films and many independent film festival jury and audience award winners. He founded Roberson Public Relations in 2004, and has been a member of Local 600, Publicists of the International Cinematographers Guild since 2003.

Tina Sutakanat (Producer)

Kip Tribble (Co-Producer/Line Producer)

Derrick Cohan (Cinematography)

Charles Aubrey (Art Direction)

Jacqueline Garvey (Costume Design)

Jessie Miranda (Key Hair and Make-Up)

Scott Crane (Production Coordinator)

About the Cast

David Lipper David Lipper grew up in Montreal where, by the age of 8, he was already getting leading roles in community theater. By 18, he had become a leading character on the CTV series, Time Of Your Life. After 75 episodes, Lipper returned to Emerson College to complete his BFA in Musical Theater and moved to Los Angeles soon after graduating. Within a year, Lipper was discovered by former Warner Bros Television head, Leslie Moonves, who gave David the starring role in Reality Check - the other pilot by Friends creators Kaufman/Bright/Crane that year. When the series was pulled at the last minute with the departure of co-star, Hillary Swank, Lipper was put onto Full House as DJ’s new boyfriend, Viper. It would be a complete shock for David to return to this show 25 years later as Viper in Fuller House, and then take the final curtain call in yet again, a final series episode. Lipper has 4 films soon to be released, including Painted Beauty, opposite Clifton Collins Jr and Claire Holt, Underdogs Rising, Linked, and soon to be filmed: Will You Be My Quarantine, where Lipper plays love interest opposite Jodie Sweetin in another Full House reunion of sorts.

Maya Stojan Maya recently wrapped the independent feature, SENIOR MOMENT. Prior to this she shot a major arc on “Grey’s Anatomy” as well as a guest lead on “NCIS.” She heavily recurred on “Castle,” as well as on “Agents of Shield.” Maya has been seen in memorable guest roles on “Entourage” and “Criminal Minds.” Maya was raised in Genève, Switzerland, where she was educated at the International School. Her mother originates from Sri Lanka and her father from the Czech Republic.

Keli Price is best known for his roles as Chris Abeley in the Warner Bros. comedic film The Clique, and Zak in the DreamWorks/AwesomenessTV musical series, Side Effects. He’s currently starring in five films that are set to be released in 2021. Among them, is the new superhero feature The Hyperions with Cary Elwes. Price plays opposite Elwes as the villain, Ares. He’s also starring in Underdogs Rising alongside Chris Pang (Crazy Rich Asians, Charlie’s Angels) and in Infamous Six with Armand Assante. He is currently playing the role of Kris Harper on the Snap Chat/Quibi original series, Two Sides. Price recently directed and produced the feature documentary On Thin Ice which was recently acquired by Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures/Freestyle.

Ed Begley Jr. Inspired by the works of his Academy Award-winning father, Ed Begley, Jr. became an actor. He first came to audiences' attention for his portrayal of Dr. Victor Ehrlich on the long-running hit television series, St. Elsewhere, for which he received six Emmy nominations. Since then, Begley has moved easily between feature, television and theatre projects. Ed can be seen in Book Club with Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen, Mary Steenburgen & Jane Fonda, Ghostbusters with KristenWiig and MelissaMcCarthy and a number of Christopher Guest films, such as Mascots, A Mighty Wind, Best In Show, and For Your Consideration. He also appeared in the Seth Rogan/Judd Apatow film, Pineapple Express. On television, Begley can be seen on Modern Family and The Cool Kids, Future Man for Seth Rogen, Better Call Saul with Bob Odenkirk, Curb Your Enthusiasm with Larry David, and the ABC comedy Bless This Mess with Lake Bell and Dax Shepard. He has starred in two HBO movies: Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight with Christopher Plummer, Danny Glover and Frank Langella, as well as Recount with Tom Wilkinson and Laura Dern. He has also had recurring roles on Six Feet Under, Arrested Development, and Portlandia. He starred in David Mamet's November at the Mark Taper Forum, and has appeared in several other works by this amazing playwright: The Cryptogram, in Boston, New York and Los Angeles, as well as Romance, also at the Mark Taper Forum. Ed has directed several episodes of the hit show NYPD Blue as well as a play that he wrote called Cesar and Ruben that won a Nos Otros Award, and four Valley Theater League Awards. He lives in a solar powered home and drives an electric car.

Lindsey Shaw Dynamic talent Lindsey Shaw has been performing most of her life. Early in her career Lindsey landed a leading role in Nickelodeon's hit series Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, playing Jennifer Moze Mosely. Lindsey has appeared as popular younger sister Claire in the CW's short-lived sitcom, Aliens in America, Kat in ABC Family's revival of the 1999 rom-com, 10 Things I Hate About You, and on the CW's smash hit Pretty Little Liars as Paige McCullers. Lindsey's talent extends to the big screen; executive producing and starring in the feature film16-love, producing and starring in Temps and most recently in the Northern Productions feature film Reboot Camp.

Maxim Roy Roy started her acting career doing theatre but her big break came when she landed a lead role in a television series based on the best selling book In the Name of the Father and of the Son and went on to do the sequel, The Sorcerer. She then leaped into feature films and starred in the Golden Reel, Canadian Screen Awards winning comedy, The Boys, making Roy a Canadian Star. Roy has always managed to navigate between television series and international feature films right from the beginning of her career, such as Oscar Winner Denys Arcand’s Love & Human Remains, France’s Babel and UK’s Superstorm. Her work then crossed the border in the comedy series, Misguided Angels for Fox Family. She received a CSA nomination as “Canada's Hottest Star” for her role as the extravagant Intelligence Gathering Officer in The Last Chapter I and II. Roy starred as a ex CIA-lab director, ‘Caroline Morrison’ in the award-winning, internationally renowned series ReGenesis for two seasons, as the undercover cop ‘Mickey Bell’, in the CSA award-winning mini-series, Would Be Kings, as a pushy PR agent in MVP (the Secret Lives of Hockey Wives) on ABC, as a brilliant scientist in the BBC mini-series, Superstorm and as an astronaut-flight surgeon ‘Claire’, in the international series, Defying Gravity (ABC, CTV, BBC and ProSieben). Her filmography is diversified showing Roy’s versatility, enabling her to play characters that are both colorful and memorable. In one year, she lit up the silver screen in six feature films and was nominated for a Jutra (Quebec Oscars) for best supporting actress in the indie-film, Adam's Wall : starred alongside French Star Sandrine Kiberlain in the comedy, Romaine at -30 ; in the critically acclaimed indie Blind Spot, in which she generated rave reviews for her performance; in Robert Ménard's drama Stay with Me; in Emmy award winner Yves Simoneau’s comedy, The Bait ; and appeared alongside John Cusack in The Factory. Roy also received 4 Gemeaux nominations (the French Emmys/ Canadian Academy) for Best Actress for her lead role in the hit Quebec television series entitled O’, which has multiple nominations and awards, and had a viewership of over 2.5 million viewers every week. After recurring in the CBC series Heartland for 3 years, she starred with Matthew Modine in the mini-series Cat. 8. She then landed her next role, in the game-changing (Bravo-CTV-CRAVE) police drama 19-2. It garnered Roy a CSA nomination for “Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series”. She went on to star in the Freeform and Netflix hit series Shadowhunters. While Roy was simultaneously recurring in 19-2 and Shadowhunters, she guest starred in the CBC series, This Life and was honored to work alongside Evan-Rachel Wood in the feature film Allure (which premiered at TIFF). In 2018, Roy received a CSA Best Actress nomination for her performance as a mob boss’s mistress, in the international hit, Bad Blood with Anthony LaPaglia and Kim Coates. Maxim also reunited with Oscar-winner Denys Arcand, to star in his most recent feature film, The Fall of The American Empire. In 2020, Maxim will once again grace our tv screens when she stars as Alice Harlow, in the much awaited original Netflix series The October Faction and as the spy Jennifer\Kate, in the 6 episode mini-series European thriller, Mirage. We will also see her co-star in two indie films. The comedy Reboot Camp and playing the legendary investigative journalist Isabel Lebourdais, in the Stephen Truscot biopic, Chasing Justice.

Maxim Roy was named by StarTV as one of “Canada's 25 Most Beautiful Stars”. StarTV selected stars based on their personality, national success and popularity. The paper ICI Montreal named Roy the Sexiest and Most Popular actress. In her free time, Roy: is a godmother to the organization ANEB, a non-profit that fights anorexia-bulimia; has been a member of Greenpeace for 16 years; and devoted 15 years to Declic, a non-profit organization that brings kids back to school. She supports anything and everything ‘environmentally friendly’ and has recently lent her voice to World Vision, with whom she will travel in the near future to raise money for children living in poverty.

Pierson Fodé 2019 was Pierson Fode’s best year in Hollywood, having completed 7 projects . He’s currently on multiple shows. The TRUTV half hour comedy, Tacoma, FD, CW’s Dynasty, and Facebook Watch’s Real Bro’s of Simi Valley. Earlier this year he shot one of his biggest roles as the series lead’s in the CW pilot, Glamorous. Pierson plays Chad, son of Madolyn, (Brook Shields) CEO, entrepreneur and founder of Glamorous Cosmetics and former supermodel, who built one of the top cosmetic companies in the world from the ground up. Pierson can next be seen on the big screen in the true life college football drama, It’s Time, which tells the tragic story of the Ole Miss Rebel defensive back Chucky Mullins, who in 1989 became paralyzed after making a tackle against Vanderbilt player Brad Gaines (Pierson). Pierson is known for his work on a wide range of projects such as HBO series Hello, Ladies, Alastair Orr's horror thriller, Indigenous, Awesomeness TV’s mini series Storytellers and the lead role of “Eli” in Naomi and Eli’s No Kiss List opposite Victoria Justice. Based on the novel by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan (authors of “Nic and Norah’s Infinite Playlist”) No Kiss List follows two life-long best friends who find themselves falling for the same guy and its repercussions. In 2015, Pierson joined the number one soap opera in the world, Bold & Beautiful for 2 years where he was nominated twice for a Daytime Emmy. Pierson’s a natural at comedy too, and got a taste of the Disney machine with a 5 episode arc on Disney Channel’s Jessie, as the character ‘Brooks Wentworth,’ Jessie's soon to be fiance' and down to earth heir to his family fortune. Fode and Debby Ryan will portray the first ever Disney TV marriage. Fode got his start as the lead in Kill Game, a thriller in which Fode is a sociopathic leader of a group of friends being hunted down by a masked murderer with a score to settle, which debuted at the Cannes Film Festival. Pierson Fode was raised making short films on his family farm in Washington State, where he graduated at 18 years old with a two-year degree in artistic and scientific studies. Moving forward quickly, he interned for a live production company where he was able to rise quickly to direct and produce. He turned to LA where he quickly furthered his career and dreams.

Ja Rule

David Koechner
Actor, writer and producer David Koechner is best known for his roles as Todd Packeron on The Office and Champ Kind from Anchorman and Anchorman 2: The LegendContinues. Koechner received rave reviews for his role in the dark, twisted and film festival award-winning thriller Cheap Thrills. He also starred in Legendary’s Krampus. On the small screen, Koechner has appeared in Comedy Central’s Another Period, ABC’s The Goldbergs and voices reoccurring characters on FOX’s American Dad and Netflix’s F is for Family and All Hail King Julien. Recent projects include the ABC show Bless ThisMess, Showtime’s Twin Peaks, and Roadside Attraction’s Priceless. He’s currently aseries regular in CBS’s Superior Donuts. An alumnus of Chicago’s Second City Theater, Koechner got his first break as a cast member on Saturday Night Live and since has become an instantly recognizable face appearing in more than 150 films and television shows. Additional notable film credits include Waiting, Out Cold, Talladega Nights, Get Smart, Extract, Thank You for Smoking, A Haunted House and Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. When not filming, Koechner performs live stand-up comedy across the country and creates original content videos for his YouTube channel, Full On Koechner. He also co-hosts Big Slick Celebrity Weekend - an annual charity event benefitting Children’s Mercy Hospital of Kansas City-with fellow KC natives, Rob Riggle, Paul Rudd, Jason Sudeikis and Eric Stonestreet. Koechner currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with his wife and five children.Top of FormBottom of Form

Chaz Bono
Chaz Bono is an American character actor and activist, and the only child of famed entertainers Sonny and Cher. He is best known for his work on American Horror Story and Curb Your Enthusiasm. An acclaimed author, Bono has written three books, including NY Times Best Sellers, “Family Outing 1998”, and “Transition” published by Dutton in 2011, a candid account of a forty-year struggle to match his gender identity. Adding to his multiple hyphenated talents, he has shared his life and experiences in, and produced the three-time Emmy nominated documentary, Becoming Chaz. Bono has a rich history of advocating for LGBTQ rights, having worked for two national LGBTQ organizations, and as public speaker on college campuses and at events around the world. He continues to be a strong voice for the LGBTQ community, and is a passionate champion of equality for all Americans, especially those discriminated against and targeted because of race, religion, sex, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity. In 2012 Bono decided to pursue his lifelong dream of a career as a working actor. He’s guest stared in the films Dirty, Reborn, Three From Hell, and Reboot Camp. Bono has also guest stared on multiple episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful, and Where the Bears Are, American Horror Story Roanoke, American Horror Story Cult.

Shar Jackson

Eric Roberts
Eric Roberts is a Georgia native whose first professional acting job was on Another World at age 19 in New York. He went on to star in King of the Gypsies at 21 and earned multiple Golden Globe nominations and an Oscar nomination for Runaway Train. His IMDB page is filled to the brim, and the music videos he’s appeared in can be found in a search as well. He’s had the honor to work on all types of projects with actors and creators he feels unimaginably grateful to know. As with many artists, Eric's proudest professional moments are transcended by journeys and triumphs from real life. What Eric is most passionate about sharing are the endeavors of his kids ~ Actress, Emma Roberts, Recording Artist, Keaton Simons, Chef & Baker, Morgan Simons.

Eric hopes to be known as the guy who turned the world on to The Natural Child Project, Pi Bake Shop, Keaton Simons’ music and Vegan living.

Eddie McClintock - a working actor in Hollywood for twenty-five years, has been the star of several cancelled television shows and a stepping-stone for some of the biggest names in the business. He enjoys nude horseback riding and poetry, and is available for birthday parties and bar mitzvahs.

Daniel Nguyen is an Asian American actor from Los Angeles California. His TV Credits include, The Goldbergs, Kidding, Mom, How to Get Away with Murder, Workaholics, Game Shakers, and many more. His Film credits include a supporting lead in an Amazon released film called “Solver.” He was also recently featured on Comedy Central, Funny Or Die and Soul Pancake. As he transitioned into more hosting and commentator roles, he is currently best known for his Instagram take overs during award season (pre-Covid) for E! and will also be entering into the digital world with a YouTube and Facebook Watch show called Best Friend Goals.

June Lee Born in Los Angeles, California, June Lee was well traveled even as a child - growing up in California, Texas, China and South Korea. She first caught the acting bug after being cast in Painted Beauty, a feature film starring Claire Holt and Clifton Colins Jr. From there, she combined her acting and martial arts skills as a lead heroine in an Untitled Vampire feature film currently in post-production. Currently, she is shooting an internet series as a K-Pop Superhero for the largest family content creator on YouTube. June's interests outside of acting include singing and various entrepreneurial ventures.

Billy Morrison

Kipp Tribble

Jessica Belkin

Melanie Marden

Rachelle Carson-Begley
Rachelle is one of the most recognized and respected environmentalists in the entertainment industry. She Co-Starred in the highly successful reality series, Living with Ed, shown on HGTV and Discovery's Planet Green. Recently, the Begley's completed the construction of their new Platinum Leed Certified home. Which she documented in two web series called On Begley Street and Our Green Home. Also, check out Begleysque on iTunes, our podcast to take inspiration from technology and innovation in our green community.

One of Rachelle's first acting jobs was a recurring role on the nighttime soap Falcon Crest. She had worked in the theater starting out at the prestigious Williamstown Theater Festival in Williamstown Massachusetts for two seasons before moving to the West Coast where she has worked consistently in film and TV and theater for 34 years. She will soon be seen in the upcoming film Plus One with her husband Ed Begley Jr. And is now in development with a new show about the environment and of course, Living with Ed.

Ximena Córdoba

Johnny Bananas
is a well-known television personality and actor who achieved fame from his long time association with MTV, beginning with The Real World Key West to twenty appearances on The Challenge, winning a half million dollars as champ of the recent “Total Madness” season. Currently, Johnny hosts his second season of the experiential travel series 1st Look on NBC.

Kailah Casillas Reality television personality Kailah Casillas has appeared in nine series over the past five years; including MTV’s Real World, The Challenge, and Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. An avid podcaster Big Doc Energy and true crime enthusiast, Reboot Camp is Kailah’s film debut.

Nicole Aniston

Michelle Argyris

Eliza Roberts
Eliza Roberts had a multi-faceted career even before that was as common as it is today. As an actress she is best known as “Brunella” from Animal House. Eliza is also a casting director, a child protection advocate and would love to be a midwife when she grows up. Of course, the most treasured part of her life is as mom to Keaton and Morgan Simons. Her husband, actor Eric Roberts, is no slouch either

Fun Facts/Trivia

We almost cast the British pop star Peter Andre in one of the roles, but couldn’t get his paperwork on time when his agent passed away.

Several big name actors were considered for the role of Cooper Johnson, the producer/financier of Reboot Camp, but Eddie McClintock just nailed all the intricacies of the character.

We only had 30 minutes to shoot the toilet scene as the location had a wedding pre-booked from before. We shot the scene and the entire crew rushed to disassemble and remove the toilets in under 5 minutes.

Because we wanted to merge experienced filmmakers with elements from the documentary and reality world, we brought on Jim Johnston to be a producer and bring the experience he brought from producing 18 seasons of MTV’s Real World.

We needed a cinematographer who had the cinematic training of shooting narrative feature films while also having experience working in the “catching moments on the fly" non-fiction world. Derrick Cohan brought both those skill sets.

Casting was non-traditional as we didn’t have rigid character break downs, beyond male/female. In some cases, characters like Jimmy, who was originally written as a California surfer dude, became a gay Asian man, which brought much stronger conflicts and needs for the character, thanks to Daniel Nguyen’s honest performance.

We knew David Koechner would be great at improv, as a stand up comic, but when we paired him with Ja Rule, the duo was hilarious. David said, “when I saw Ja Rule and David Koechner hanging out on the Frank Sinatra bedroom suite and acting like old buds and I rushed downstairs to Ivo and told him that we gotta have these two guys together. Ivo loved the idea, since we only had couples interviews, like the Begley’s and Roberts, but this was the first bro-buddy session, and it went better than we could have hoped for.”

Some of the improv with David Koechner and JaRule were so funny, you could hear crew laughter in the background on every mic track.

There are so many great bits that didn’t make the cut simply because of time, like our angry chef, who was actually the film caterer caught on tape having a fit. Stay tuned for the DVD for a bunch of these great extras.

The leaf blower going off during the word diet scene was one of the many happy accidents that happened during filming that we just used rather than try and fight against.

The Frank Sinatra House in Woodland Hills had such unique spaces as a performance room with a dance pole, a dedicated phone booth and an outdoor sauna built from an old barrel. It had so much character and variety that we managed to shoot most of the film there.

REBOOT CAMP Closing Credits

Written and Directed by

Ivo Raza

Produced by

David Lipper

Produced by

Tina Sutakanat


Jim Johnston


Keli Price

Kipp Tribble

David Roberson

Executive Producer

Tim Alek Mulley

Executive Producer

Steve Gentry

Executive Producers

Jacqueline Sacks

Andrea Lipper

Alan Braverman

Co-Executive Producers

Robert A. Daly Jr.

Bernard Azer

George Folsey Jr.

Director of Photography

Derrick Cohan

Music by

Erick Schroeder


David Lipper

Maya Stojan

Keli Price

Ed Begley Jr.

Lindsey Shaw

Maxim Roy

Pierson Fodé

with Ja Rule

and David Koechner​

and also

Chaz Bono

Shar Jackson

Eric Roberts

Eddie McClintock

as well as

Daniel Nguyen

June Lee

Billy Morrison

Kipp Tribble


Jessica Belkin

Melanie Marden

Rachelle Carson

Ximena Córdoba

along with

Johnny Bananas

Nicole Aniston

Michelle Argyris

Eliza Roberts

and hindmost, but most certainly not least

Associate Producer

June Lee​

Line Producer

Kipp Tribble

First Assistant Director

Asia Johnson

Second Assistant Director

Jim Johnston

Second Second Assistant Director

Kenny Yates



Gordon St. Pierre/Seymour Barr David Lipper

Mom Nicole Arlyn

Ruby Jessica Belkin

Mira Lehman Rachelle Carson

Tiffany Melanie Marden

as herself Corinne Olympios

Anita Mooney Shar Jackson

Reboot Man Rich Rose

The Interviewer Jim Johnston

Cooper Johnson Eddie McClintock

Danny Barr Keli Price

David David Olmsted

Maisey Lindsey Shaw

Herbert Chaz Bono

Floyd Kenny Yates

as himself Johnny Bananas

Newscaster Seb Marley

as himself David Koechner

as himself Ja Rule

Jimmy Daniel Nguyen

Sage Michelle Argyris

Trixie Christine Nguyen

Dr. Eva De La Cruz Carolyn Michelle Smith

Girl who does the worm Lauren Price

John Lehman Ed Begley Jr.

as himself Eric Roberts

as herself Eliza Roberts

Dean Deen Robert Scott Crane

as herself Nicole Aniston

as herself Kailah Casillas

Keith Pierson Fodé

Ysabel June Lee

Grace Maxim Roy

as himself Robbie the dog

Televangelist Kipp Tribble

Claire Maya Stojan

as himself Billy Morrison

Portrait artist Stefan Kleinschuster

Margot Ximena Córdoba

Photographer David Sobel

as himself Rob Prior

as herself Beverly Hynds

as himself Darin Brooks

as herself Kelly Kruger

as himself Jeff the 420 Chef

as himself Syrus Yarbrough

Special appearance by Stacey Jackson

Dancers Erin Gray

Oskar Rodriguez

Traci Swartz

Jaeme Velez

Server Ally Weinhold

Party Guest Sara O’Neil

Crystal Crystal Park

Claire’s Bodyguard Tim Alek Mulley

Korean guy Eddie Yu

as himself Robie the dog

Campers Jenae Alt

Bita Arefnia

Elin Sophia Bars

Giosue Bottini

Tony Do

Erik Donovan

Artūrs Duntavs-Saunders

Tedis Duntavs-Saunders

Emily Fay

Matt Gilbertson

Gabriella Gonzalez

Casey Grant

Erin Gray

Matthew Harper-Johnston

Jordan Hernandez

Gary Hughes

Marisol Hunt

Lela Jacobsen

Akil King

Bradley Kohn

Karen Kreutzer

Aline Krisner

Mason May

Ashleigh Mitchell

Alondra Najeva

Andrew Nila

Taylor Olympios

Riley Phillips

Martin Pierron

Blaize Prior

Anthony Rajanayagam

David Roberson

Ashley Robertson

Arnie Rodriguez

Leighton Sacks

Reagan Sacks

Jacob Sagert

Julian Sanders

Spring Saunders

Bobby Scott

Dana Stangel

Traci Swartz

Alice Tate

Leanna Turner

Naomi Wildt

Unit Production Manager Kipp Tribble

Production Coordinator Robert Scott Crane

Production Assistants Blaize Prior

Ashleigh Mitchell

Valerie Norgaard

David Olmsted

Bobby Scott

Art Director Charles Aubrey

Artist Stefan Kleinschuster

Art Department Assistants Adam Vandermark

Christopher Beck

Sean Fenderson

A Camera Operator Derrick Cohan

1[SUP]st[/SUP] Assistant A Camera Richard Garcia

2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Assistant A Camera Bilal Karaman

B Camera Operators Will Turner

Justin Hong

Colin Oh

1[SUP]st[/SUP] Assistant B Camera Justin Hall

Drone Operator Tim Alek Mulley

Digital Imaging Technician Bilal Karaman

Set Photographer burlythekid

Still Photographers Keida Mascaro

Sara Tantisalidchai

David Sobel

Key Grip Tigran Tsolakyan

Gaffer Eli Tahan

Grip & Electric Swings Matthew Takuno

Harout Darmanchyan

Key Hair & Makeup Jessie Maranda

Additional Hair & Makeup Roxanne McDanel

Assistant Hair & Makeup Angie Bulmer

Costume Designer Jacqueline Garvey

Assistant Costume Designer Emily G. Ackerman

Wardrobe Supervisor Isabel Mandujano

Wardrobe Assistant Alex Grashio

Wardrobe Intern Kaylee Plummer

Sound Mixer Brett Ulery

Additional Sound Mixers Robert Brehmer

Todd Bauer

Music Supervisor Tim Alek Mulley

Music Consultant Tom Markov

Unit Publicist David Roberson | Roberson Public Relations

EPK Producer David Roberson

EPK Assistant Martin Pierron

Catering and Craft Service Anthony Perullo

Payroll Services Provided by ABS Payroll & Production Accounting

Production Accountant Maged Sidhom, CPA, Inc.

Production Legal John D. Forbess, Esq.


Editor Ivo Raza

Assistant Editor Ben Rojas

Colorist Loren White

Motion Graphic Artist Marlon Morina

Animation Artist Carmen Cothern

Post Production Services Matt Dean Films, Inc.

Sound Designer Matt Dean


Camera Operator Steve Boxall

Sound Mixer Tom Salyer

1[SUP]st[/SUP] Assistant Director Dafna Harrison

Makeup Artist Valerie Giraud

Venice Footage Videvo

The director and producers wish to thank the following

for their assistance in the making of this motion picture.

David O. Sacks

Amos Elliston

David Cho

Daniel Brunt

Stephen and Irene Lipper

Roger & Catherine Mulley

The Mulley Sisters

The Hammel Family

The Mazzucca Family

The Tribble Family

Sun and Jae Lee

Carrie Julier

Dina Raza

Billy Morrison

The Price Family

The Brooks Family

Leonard Hollinger
Scott Huneryager

Eric Yoon


Steve Cohen

Carlos Rodriguez

Darko Suvak

Miran Miosic

Sara J. O’Neil

Andrew Gallery

Laurie Zager-Herz

Jon Thomas

Andrew Greenbaum

Tristan Chart

Saint Haven


Lindy Lin

Beach Frills

Red Bull

Pom Pom Floats

Antonym Cosmetics