Round 4 VC/Captain


Feb 18, 2021
All eyes will be on the big Texan for a potential bloodbath vs Norf I reckon. He could easily go 170+ against that rabble.
You would think Piggy Oliver will get some attention again vs Geelong after Titch got relatively shut down this week.

Macrae will be a popular pick vs the Lions as will Bont and Dunks.

Can #1 Defender Ridley go 130+ again against a resurgent Sydney?

Grundy vs Flynn would be a fine VC or C depending on loophole options.

Dusty as VC option loves the big stage and this has huge written all over it as Richmond respond to getting jumped by Sydney.

Gawn will be easily the most popular choice for the Big C this week.

VC- Tex Walker
C - Max Gawn