Round 5 Sydney v Gold Cost Eagles

The Boss

Mod Team
Apr 24, 2020
My ideal scenario would look something like this, though it won't happen as it requires more puzzle pieces being moved around than Horse would be willing:
IN - McCartin, Clarke (yep) and Gould/O'Connor (depending on form?)

OUT - Blakey, Taylor, Hayward

McCartin replaces Sinclair. He and McLean are the two talls forward, like against North Melbourne. Their mobility freed Heeney up as well.

Sinclair and Aliir share ruck duties. Aliir did very well against Gawn last year, but will need help, hence Sinclair keeps his spot.

Gould/O'Connor replaces Aliir down back while he's rucking, and also fills in for Mills while he is in the midfield.

Mills replaces Parker at CBAs, because Parker is inside 50 being a better, stronger, more accurate Hayward as a medium forward.

Clarke then takes over tagging duties from Hewett (Clarke's disposal cannot be worse than what we saw against the Bulldogs), and Hewett becomes that skilful pressure half forward that Taylor is not exactly thriving as.

There. Simple as.