San Jose Earthquakes - Portland Timbers (Wednesday, 9/16) postgame thread [R]

Geralt of Sanctuary

New member
Apr 24, 2020

Drawing at home against a depleted Portland team. I dunno man.

Don't get me started on the condition of the field...could have had a lot of players on both teams injured on there.

On another note: Cowell is a beast. Needs to utilize his natural strength more. That pass across 3 players to Fierro before the ref cuckblock was NICE! I say if he scored another 3-4 goals with us, he's gone next season. And personally I wouldn't want him to stay with this shit team anyway, will stunt him just like the team stunted TT and now Yuell.

On a second note: Jacob. He plays good. Calm and collected. Didn't hear his name called much, which to me is a good sign since he's a defender.

On a 3rd note: JT. So far so good. But that goal I think is half on him for sure. Came out too early and too low.