Sekiro's new and impressive figure


Apr 24, 2020
Sekiro's new and impressive figure

There is no doubt that Sekiro is one of the popular games. The latest version of the Software has affected locals and strangers, not only with great criticism from the mainstream media, but also with great success among fans of Miyazaki's work. It's no surprise that in Sekiro the studio studio drama has taken a step forward. Something is expected to remain in the Old Ring, a new subject being studied.

However, despite the huge success with the number of fans scattered around the world, Sekiro is one of the games from FromSoftware that gets a few collector figures. And with the growing demand for its fans, the company Gecco has made Wolf a surprise.

This is a surprising figure for Sekiro

This is about 40c feet long, which corresponds to the original 1: 6 ratio. Made by Shinya Amado and painted by Katsushige Akeyama, all under the direction of the suit. The figure, which can be pre-booked for a price of $ 469.99, has two swords, Kusabimaru and Fushigiri, included as jewelry.

In addition, it also has unique Shinobi prosthesis techniques. Of course, this is only included as a bonus for keeping a count. Statement available in November 2020 and available for booking here self.

The sum of the squares

Sekiro: Shield Die Twice is out now on Xbox One and PC.