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Apr 24, 2020

don gagliardi said:
Sure, blame Fioranelli for not coaxing more money out of ownership to rectify these numerous problems, among which I'm sure I'm forgetting several.

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I don't think Fioranelli is directly responsible for anything you mentioned, outside of maybe (but not probably) the training facility. Those aren't soccer operations things. That's why I specifically mentioned the money spent on coaching changes, as that falls under the GM.
As I said, it's not definitive that the lack in scouting is strictly monetary. There's most certainly a component of it, without question, but I doubt it's the only factor. I say this also because when money has been spent on the roster far above what was normally spent, that money has almost universally been squandered.

Returns on DPs has been marginally better than those of the Doyle era, but if you're an owner of a team, what would your takeaway be when the highest earning player on the team goes from starting to sitting on the bench because a much older and cheaper player is outperforming him, only earning that spot back due to that older player's injury?

Mine would be that my GM doesn't understand what players are actually worth in MLS, and thus, I'm not going to be extremely eager to hand over more money when it's very unclear whether or not that increased expense will yield a return.

Again, on the other hand, the team has seemingly started taking the academy much more seriously, which is where MLS teams have the biggest gains to make. If it's a choice of a more robust scouting department or a more robust academy, I'm going to side on the academy for several reasons. But you still need your scouts and analysts to provide a reason for their existence within the team, and they aren't clearly demonstrating it from where I'm sitting.

I'll say, too, that since I have no insight into how the team identifies and selects its players, I could very much be off base here, and if there is evidence that Fioranelli and staff are actually more responsible for the good signings than it appears, I'd love that. Given the types of players we've seen come and go based on who the head coach is, it just seems like they aren't actually doing much of anything other than asking the head coach who they want, and then trying to go after them. Some people actually prefer this method, I think. I'm just not one of them because I don't like the idea of the team always having to start over every time there's a coaching change.