The opening of pre-orders Ps5 imminent? One element lets him think

The Boss

Mod Team
Apr 24, 2020
During Geoff Keighley's presentation of the DualSense controller last week, a Sony marketing executive said consumers would be notified in advance of the opening of pre-orders for the PS5. And it could be that things will change very soon at this level.

A forum user ResetERA Discovered references to the PS5 pre-orders in the source code of the PlayStation Direct site, Sony's US online store. The incorporation of these elements into the site suggests that the process is at an advanced level and that pre-orders should be released in the relatively near future.

Note also that references found in the same source code seem to indicate that each person can only reserve a PlayStation 5, whether they choose the standard model or the Digital Edition model. However, it is not clear whether such restrictions will also be imposed on the various European dealers.

Another interesting element, this same ResetERA member discovered a badge “PS5 compatible” addition in the code page of all the products offered on the PlayStation Direct site (controllers, games, etc.). The latter is currently hidden via CSS but can be displayed later.

note that all site badges (“pre-order, “”exclusivity, “”soon out of stock, “”PS5 compatible, “etc.) can potentially be activated on every product offered on the site. It should therefore not be seen as a guarantee that the DualShock 4 controllers will, for example, be compatible with the PS5. Gamers should have a way of knowing what will and will not work on Sony's next-gen console, however.