The PS5 user interface is displayed for the first time

The Boss

Mod Team
Apr 24, 2020
Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) shows today in this video for the first time the user interface of the long-awaited PlayStation 5 console, an experience completely player-centric. This interface will provide a deeper immersion that will connect players quickly both with videogames and with the rest of the community.

“Playtime is valuable and should be meaningful, so all the new features we offer are inspired by that concept and vision. The new interface introduces several new features designed to make your gaming experiences are more fun, engaging, personalized and social
Hideaki Nishino, Vice President of Platform Planning and Management at SIE.

One of the great novelties to highlight is the new control center, providing immediate access to almost the entire system pressing the PlayStation button on the DualSense without exiting the game, as well as a new feature called Activities, designed to keep key game elements close at hand. This function is displayed in the control center, allowing you to discover new game opportunities or jump directly to the levels that the player wants, among others. Some activity cards can be put into picture-in-picture mode so that they will be visible without leaving the game.

“Navigating the interface, switching from game to game, and entering online games will happen quickly, as we have moved the entire software stack from the console to the web to deliver a true next-generation experience. Less waiting time, more time to play ”explains Nishino, who reminds fans that this video shows an environment in pre-production phase, so perhaps the final version may have some minor change.

PlayStation 5 It will arrive on November 12 and 19, in its HD Blu-ray disc edition at a recommended price of $499.99 and in its digital edition, at a recommended price of $399.99.