The things we hear returns - 2019, 20 and beyond edition

Geralt of Sanctuary

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Apr 24, 2020

mathguy ref said:
Last night, HS VG and VB back to back in a dual. We get gifted with an "announcer" who wants to call each play like he's announcing the result of every football play. Ball out of play? "Throw in for XXX". He mostly got that right. Free kicks were something he clearly had no clue about.
Goal kick? "That's a corner for XXX."

Corner kick? "Penalty kick for XXX."

Free kick off a foul? "That's a penalty kick."

80% of all kicks we took he called a penalty kick. Except for, you guessed it, an actual penalty kick. We had one in each game. Once he called "goal kick" and the other "corner kick."

Ah, the joys of HS ball out in the middle of nowhere Texas. Where pointy ball football is king.

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Twist on the same theme... The boy's team announcer at my daughter's HS likes to do play-by-play almost as if he's doing a radio broadcast, but over the PA... just, wow. The players' on-field commentary on his commentary makes it hard not to laugh.
But, our girls' announcer knows his limits... He gets TI's, GK, CK, PK, etc., and every FK except "offsideS" gets a simple "Infraction on [team]". Period. Obviously I can't officiate her games, but I stepped in for him on the PA...

Our HS ref assoc VP had the whistle. As the crew met for halftime, I see him pointing up at the pressbox shaking his finger. I go down to give them Gatorade and have a chat, when he said, "I knew YOU were on the PA!!"

"Oh? How so?"

He said, "At first I thought, am I hearing offside? Then you said dangerous play when I called the high kick between teammates and it got me wondering... But when that call on White, just inside their 18, was announced as obstruction after my hands signal, I knew no freaking way that's not one of ours up there!!"

Wifey said I was being a nerd for using those terms...