There are 140 channels promoting Xbox Series X games


Apr 24, 2020
The future of the video game industry is focused on new hardwares that will arrive later this year. Renewable energy and its many advanced types are what make this new generation so special. But what might allow users to jump now, not later, is that consoles feature a high-quality game catalog. Yesterday we started contacting third parties, introducing some games. But also, it's been used by Microsoft to make sure it's there up to 140 studios developing Xbox Series X games.

The image, which is worth more than thousands of words, is what has given Microsoft's work to showcase foreign lessons for its beauty. We should not only assume that these agreements require diversity, or that they join those who have decided to work to offer enhanced versions. Microsoft strives to be close to any studio with its services, Xbox Game Pass and xCloud.​

There are 140 channels promoting Xbox Series X 1 games
There are 140 channels promoting Xbox Series X 1 games

Yesterday the results of all this work were recorded in a very happy picture. The photo already featured some great deals with top publishers. 2K Games, 505 Games, Blizzard Activities, Bethesda, EA, Bandai Namco, Capcom, Square Enix or Sega, rise as an example cooperation of all kinds of agreements. Now more importantly it may seem like making better games Xbox Series X, but so can finding those games on Xbox Game Pass or xCloud.​

From that first image, the sequence allowed to add many more names, which we could easily add to the 15 Xbox Game Studios studios. A really winning list, featuring famous publishers and independent studios of all kinds.​

  1. 2Ton Studios,
  2. 2K Games,
  3. 505 Games,
  4. Release,
  5. Activation,
  6. The Allods Team,
  7. Amazon Games,
  8. Annapurna Collaborative,
  9. Asobo Studio,
  10. Athlon Games,
  11. Avalanche Studios Group,
  12. Bandai Namco Entertainment,
  13. Bethesda Softworks,
  14. Beatshapers,
  15. Big Ant Studios,
  16. Blackbird Interactive,
  17. Dark Forest Games,
  18. Blackwood Games,
  19. BlitWorks,
  20. Blizzard Entertainment,
  21. Bohemia Interactive,
  22. Bossa Studios,
  23. Bugbear Hobbies,
  24. Sing,
  25. Capcom,
  26. CD Projekt RED,
  27. CI Games,
  28. Coatsink,
  29. Coffee Publishing,
  30. Codes,
  31. Crystal Dyanmics,
  32. Crytek,
  33. Digital Curve,
  34. Cyanide Studio,
  35. d3t limited,
  36. Daedalic Entertainment,
  37. Deck13 Interact,
  38. Identify Nine,
  39. Deep silver,
  40. DeskWorks,
  41. Restore Digital,
  42. Dontnod Entertainment,
  43. Double Eleven,
  44. Rocket Games,
  45. Digital Excess,
  46. Complex games,
  47. Ebb software,
  48. Eko software,
  49. Electronic Art,
  50. Eidos Montreal,
  51. Epic Games,
  52. Expanding History,
  53. Fatshark,
  54. Fingers,
  55. Firesprite,
  56. Flying the wild fog,
  57. Focus Home Collaboration,
  58. From Software,
  59. Frontier Development,
  60. Funcom,
  61. Gaijin Entertainment,
  62. Game Bakers,
  63. Sports Farm,
  64. Gasket Games,
  65. Gearbox Publishing,
  66. Giants Software,
  67. Granzella,
  68. Grimlore Games,
  69. Gay Gaming Games,
  70. Firearms Games,
  71. Harduit Labs,
  72. Headup Games,
  73. Hi Rudi Studios,
  74. Humble Pile,
  75. IO Interact
  76. Kalypso Media,
  77. Keen Software House,
  78. Koch Media,
  79. Konami,
  80. Koei Tecmo Games,
  81. KT Racing,
  82. Larian Studios,
  83. Lightbulb Crew,
  84. Limestone Games,
  85. Mad Fellows,
  86. Top games,
  87. Combine Games,
  88. Roadside Games,
  89. Molasses Flood,
  90. Microids,
  91. Milestone srl,
  92. My.Games,
  93. Nacon,
  94. Neopica,
  95. Nimble Giant Entertainment,
  96. Direct games,
  97. Foreigners,
  98. Passtech Games,
  99. Paradox Interactive,
  100. Pearl Abyss,
  101. People Can Fly,
  102. Full World Entertainment,
  103. Piranha Bytes,
  104. Playdead,
  105. Playing Studios,
  106. Playism, Playwing,
  107. Private Category,
  108. Psionix,
  109. PUBG Corporation,
  110. Full Burning,
  111. Apostasy,
  112. Reef Entertainment,
  113. Repair Entertainment,
  114. Rockfish Studios,
  115. Roll7,
  116. Riot Forge,
  117. Roblox,
  118. Know Collaboration,
  119. Sad Cat Studios,
  120. Sega,
  121. You are Multimedia,
  122. Soedesco,
  123. Sold,
  124. Spike Chunsoft,
  125. Squre Enix,
  126. Stray Bombay,
  127. Positive Response,
  128. Tale Worlds Entertainment,
  129. Group17,
  130. Techland,
  131. Camping Games,
  132. Tea,
  133. THQ Nordic,
  134. Three Entertainment,
  135. TripWire is collaborating,
  136. TinyBuild,
  137. Ubisoft,
  138. Anonymous World Games,
  140. Warner Bros. Active Entertainment.

This photo is worth a thousand words, but this list with up to 140 editors and designers confirming Microsoft's collaboration is also appropriate. Because, in addition to regular publishers, we get some lessons with their name appearing here, the Taleworlds case, which is responsible for Mount & Blade II: The Bannerlord, which provides many clues with the advent of their games to victory. When we serve xbox tweet, we are talking about studies with publishers that confirm the development of Xbox Series X and in this way, we can predict, At least 140 games to come in the coming years.

It is clear that yesterday it was an appetizer, at least in terms of riders and games presented and ensured improvement. Because based on this image, it can be assumed that it is only the tip of the iceberg. But it's usually only the face of all the gains, as it's the first Xbox 20/20 event, and the Summer Game Fest, which will take place over the next few weeks to get the rest of the cake going.​