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The Boss

Mod Team
Apr 24, 2020

It’s the fight that most divides us.

It goes beyond club ties, friendships, cliques or loyalties to old comrades. There is no greater rivalry in our great game than this.

The battle lines have been drawn. Reputations have been put on the line, the hills have been chosen.

No other issue in the game has threatened to tear at the fabric of the Sweet FA like this, no other issue in the history of the game has proven to be quite as contentious. It pits mate against mate, teammate against teammate, turning usually sensible people into seething piles of froth. It divides club rooms and LGs right across the competition. You never quite know who’s who, until they reveal themselves to much dismay and incredulity.

You‘re either one, or the other. There’s no compromises, no common ground, no fence to sit on here AceAndy.

A rivalry that’s been quietly bubbling away, just under the surface, silently waiting to erupt.

Now, the time has come to stake your claim and swear your allegiances, as the day of reckoning is upon us.

No, it’s not State of Origin. It’s not East vs West, Expansion vs Realists or even SF vs the BC...

So I ask you one simple question Sweet FA, are you…

Spoiler: The Decider

Light or dark theme?

To settle this score for once and for all, it’s high time you made your allegiances known.

It's time to name and shame, time to call them out.

We will select two representative sides consisting of players who have made their loyalties clear, with a representative qooty match to decide this argument once, and for all.

There’s avatars, sigs and anything else you can think of wagering* on the line here, now’s your chance to gain the ultimate bragging rights.

Once we know just who's who, we'll take it to a poll, with captains to be selected for each side, and they will, in conjunction with TiFmedia, select their final sides, ready to do battle in an exhibition match to be played in the coming weeks.

So nominate yourself here in this thread for which side you’re on, and let the banter begin, with the stage now set for these two sides to go to war for the ultimate meta-bragging rights.

So without further ado, let me be the first.

I am the Darkness motherf***ers. Come at me.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that off the back of Mobbs' fantastic suggestion earlier this week, as part of the build up to 'The Decider' we will now be raising funds in support of Beyond Blue, as we look to support them in assisting our communities as people all across the country battle the challenges that have come with 2020 in what has been a harrowing year for many among us.

The Sweet FA always pulls together as a community for a great cause, so please get to pledging below, challenge your opponents based on the upcoming game, or just give because you believe in the cause, and of course many of us out there may not be in a position to give at all, I think we can all appreciate not everybody will be able to support and may even required support themselves, but at least we can take the opportunity to raise what we can for what is an important cause and we get to have a bit of fun along the way.

I've started up an everydayhero page for people to be able to start to make their pledges and support the cause, and I will be consulting with Chief and Ant Bear to see if we can maybe rustle up a badge for some recognition as we have done in the past.


- TiF

Follow this link to donate HERE