Time for the Vic teams to leave Victoria - EDIT: Rich V Wce game OFF, New Rd 5 Fixture in OP

The Boss

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Apr 24, 2020
The figures from the last week do not look good.

That's a large increase in the space of a week.
Essendon-Melbourne fixture has already been scrapped as a result.
With Victoria being the only state where coronavirus hasn't been eliminated or the curve flattened.
What does this mean for the AFL on a national scale?

NT, SA, Tasmania and ACT are all completely free of coronavirus.
Queensland and WA are on the brink of achieving elimination too.

NSW, ACT and Victoria always aimed to flatten the curve.
The other jurisdictions went for an elimination strategy.

So far it appears that the flatten the curve strategy is working for NSW and clearly worked for ACT.
Why is it failing in Victoria despite having by far the strictest lockdown measures imposed out of any jurisdiction?

What does this mean for the rest of the AFL season with 10/18 teams being Victorian based?