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Feb 18, 2021

dark knight said:
We'll see what others think - in my mind it's sort of a niche interest that fits more in this forum based on how I think about it but maybe I'm in the minority.

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As someone who enjoys covering coaches abroad (because it is so damn rare and is really the next frontier) I think there is an easy solution that I can propose.
If an American coach is coaching a first team at a professional club level (Bradley and Caulfield) or is coaching a full national team (Stefanowski at Nepal or Dooley at the Philippines) then they should be in the main YA form. That's a high level and there is nothing academy about it. They're important figures.

If an American coach is a first team assistant or is coaching a youth team at the club level (Cherundolo now for as assistant for Hannover U23s) then I think that would classify as academy.

David Wagner is tricky because while he is the head coach of Borussia Dortmund U23s and that is youth, Dortmund U23s are in the 3.Liga in Germany and are at a full professional level. So I'd be included to say on a rare occasion that an American coach is the head coach of a youth team but it is in a full professional league, that goes to the main YA forum.

As for technical directors like Stewart at AZ Alkmaar, I am fine with either.

Either way, I'd hate to see the important and established guys who are first team club coaches or national team head coaches relegated to a forum designed for prospects. I mean, if Bob Bradley wins the Norwegian Cup, that is major. His run as the head coach of Egypt was major.

I hope I am not alone

Let me know