What method are you using for villager photos?


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Jul 10, 2020
You can wrap 2 foreign fruits, 3 coconuts/ pumpkins, or 8 native fruits and have a chance of receiving a photo in return from villagers who have a high enough friendship level (level 5, which is the same level that they set a secret greeting, though generally I get a photo before I even get the prompt to set a greeting. A wrapped giant clam will work, and so will a fossil. Any gift over 750 bells of *sell* value (which is much less than the price you can buy something for) has an equal chance to get a photo in return. I believe the chance is ~10%.
the stack method no longer works with fruit or low value items but still will work with any stack of material with at least a 750 bell sell value (gold and a few other also work)

any item that is not fruit, crafting materials, or fossils can get you a photo but will go to the villager’s inventory, so if you care about the villager/ house being original this will make the villager not original. This includes wall furniture that the villager does not display. Eventually there is a chance of furniture disappearing from a villager’s house once their inventory fills up.

there is nothing they like ‘more’ when it comes to getting a photo. Anything which meets the minimum value requirement has an equal chance of you receiving a photo in exchange.

the stack method has about a 2% greater chance of getting a photo in return