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All recipes and rewards for the Easter event explained •




Bunny Day, which is Easter inside Crossing the Animals: New Horizons, it's upon us.

This eggshell event not only sees the return of Zipper T. Bunny, but allows you to collect a variety special furniture and clothing rewards, which will be available only during Bunny Day.

Below you will find everything we know about the event, including and the dates of this year's Bunny Day and the ultimate Bunny Day prize.

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How to Start a Bunny Day in Animal Crossing: Explaining New Horizons

Bunny Day may be officially Sunday 12 April at New Horizons, but your egg hunt begins Wednesday, April 1st.

First, though, you need to make sure you download the required Sunny Day add-on. You will know if you have done this right now because Tom Nook or Isabelle will announce the next Bunny Day event in their daily announcement.

Isabelle will announce the start of Bunny Day.

If it doesn't, try closing and restarting the game.

Once you have seen this announcement, it's time to hunt down Zipper T. Bunny, who will be hiding somewhere on your island. Sadly, you won't find the mystery of who really fits in this pants suit, because it's a hat – check the back of the zip.

We found Zipper hiding behind a tree, but that doesn't mean you'll know. If you have trouble finding Zipper, then keep your ears open with their sound jumping up and down.

If you can hear the low, terrible, footsteps of light clothing hitting the ground, then Zipper is almost there.

It won't catch you at all …

Bunny Day at Animal Crossing: New Horizons Explained

When you first find Zipper in New York, they will explain that they have hidden six types of eggs on the island.

It is up to you to find these eggs and use them to make Bunny Day furniture, which will be hidden around your island in the continuation of Bunny Day.

All the days leading up to Bunny Day Zipper will be hiding a new DIY DIY Recipe around your island to find and create.

If you sharpen all Bunny Day DIY Recipes for Bunny Day itself, then Zipper will get you a special surprise.

Let's go over those Bunny Day recipes now …


Bunny Day Recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In celebration of Bunny Day, Zipper T. Bunny has hidden many DIY egg recipes around your island, and as we approach Bunny Day, more DIY recipes have been hidden.


There are various ways to find these DIY and Zipper recipes that will help you start your own collection by giving you a DIY recipe for a Bunny Day bed. They will also say that if you can find and order all DIY recipes for Bunny Day or for a real Bunny Day (Sunday April 12,) Zipper will have a special reward for you.

There are many ways that you can find other DIY Bunny Day recipes, including:

  • Finding DIY recipes from talking to locals
  • Shooting down Bunny Day themed balloons
  • Getting a message for Bunny Day-in-a-bottles at sea

Below you will find everything Cooking furniture Bunny Day:

If you collect enough of one egg type, you will eventually find a DIY dressing recipe that is frozen in the shape of an egg.

How many eggs you need to get seems to be fixed for each player. We found out how to get out of the egg after we got nine Leaf eggs, but it took more than 15 Water Eggs (not a hard picture) to find ways to coat it with egg yolk.

Below you will find everything Bunny Day Outfits:

Once you have found all the DIY recipes for an egg-inspired dress, you will find DIY recipes for both Egg party dresses and Egg party dresses. This will happen soon after you get the sixth DIY egg recipe and, thankfully, requires you to be able to make egg dressing canoes.

Below you will find DIY recipes for both Egg party dresses and Egg party dresses:

Cloth ClothMaterials
Egg party dress
3x Earth egg
3x Egg Stone
3x Leaf egg
3x Wood Egg
3x Egg Sky
3x The egg of water
An egg team hat
2x Earth egg
2x Egg Stone
2x Leaf egg
2x Wood Egg
2x Sky Egg
2x egg of water

Bunny Day's Last Rewards in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

For the ultimate rewards on Bunny Day, talk to Bunny T Zipper on Kunny Day itself – Sunday, April 12th.

They will give you a new recipe – Bunny Day Arch.


You have to do this and all of the above methods (you do not need to make clothes) to get the Wobbling Zipper Toy recipe.


Craft that, and then create the final Bunny Day prize – the Bunny Day Wand.


You're finally done! Remember that you can also get a Bunny Day Basket by giving away one for each Egg – no receipt or art required.

Also, if you are short on Egg, you can give three of each Egg each.

Bunny Day Event Days in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Explained

Bunny Day will take place once a year in New Horizons and, this year, will take place begin Wednesday, April 1st and ends Sunday, April 12th.

This gives you 12 days to completely go to the egg.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has arrived!

After you've set up customizing your character, your island name and choosing the right season for your hemisphere, it's time to work on your new holiday life. Fortunately, we have some Animal Crossing New Horizons tips for this.

There are fish to catch (including Stringfish and Sturgeon), catch bugs, bamboo, flowers and fruit to grow, hair to open, citizens to add, shooting stars to over, artistic tools (such as a new staircase and a new pole), building materials (such as Iron and -Gold Nugget) you can find, Tarantulas catch, avoidable wasps and Nook Miles and Bell to do, and of course, the house, the museum and most importantly, the town hall and Isabelle to open where you can turn the Tune Tune and check your rating of an island star.

You can also meet Gulliver and Whisp in your journey.

Finally – you can participate in multiplayer, download QR codes, complete your tasks before Animal Crossing's daily reset time, use amiibo and learn about the next Bunny Day Easter and Cherry blossom event.

How to Approach Bunny Day in Animal Crossing: Described by New Horizons

If you want to participate in Bunny Day at New Horizons, you'll need to be sure to download all of the game's current beginnings.

To do this make sure your Nintendo Switch is online and try to start playing New Horizons. If there is a pool available, you will be advised to do so.

Now just follow the instructions on your Nintendo switch and wait for the download to be completed.


With that done you have to wait for Bunny Day to take part in this egg-filled event.


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