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Danger of Rain 2 is free to play on Steam this weekend to celebrate the first anniversary •




And its Artefacts 2.0 update is out now.

Danger of Rain 2, a well-received and well-received collaborative Hopoo Games & # 39; developer, will be free to play this weekend in Steam, where it celebrates its first day with the new Artifacts 2.0 update.

The Danger of Rain 2 first entered Steam in early March of last year (expected releases are expected this spring), and Hopoo has been farming hard by using his first comprehensive road map ever since. Artifices 2.0, which is one of the most important sections of the road, focuses on the content "longevity, revenge, and flexibility in the way you play", and produces the Artifacts program seen at the first threat of rain, though there are extras to kick the gun.

As you may know, Danger of Rain 2 follows a similar path to its amazing predecessor, with a glittering shooting action (this time in full 3D) that constantly grows – – it brings out the strongest enemies – long players are able to stay alive. Artists work as a way to escalate that confusion even further, acting as transformers that can be generated or entered at the beginning of each run.

A total of 16 Artifacts have been included in the latest Risk of Rain 2 risk – some new, some returning from the first game – and their effects range from forcing all enemies on a particular run to turning as high-end player variations into player damage, with huge health costs.

In addition to Artifacts, the new Risk of Rain 2 update also features a brand new section, known as Sky Meadow, new monsters (including a boss), new music tracks, new skill variations, great UI changes, and more – as described in Hopoo & # 39; s patch.

To celebrate the successful first year in early access, there are currently 20% at risk of Rain 2 (cost $ 11.99 / $ 15.99 USD at present) until April 6th. In addition, those players who want to try before they buy are in luck, as Hopoo's sequence is free to download and play on Steam from Thursday, April 2nd, until Monday, April 6th – and definitely worth a look.


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