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Finding and upgrading the Nook Shop fully – Crossing the Animals: New Help for Horizons, Guides and Tutorials




At Animal Crossing: New Horizons there are three ways to discover new things: using your workplace and making the cooking skills you acquired, with gifts or by buying these items directly from Méli and Mélo. The purpose of this tutorial is to explain to you how to make their shop and improve their stock.

This is new instructional material will be donated to Nook's Store for Méli and Mélo in Crossing the Animals: New Horizons. We will start by explaining how we obtain it and then develop it to its optimum level. At the start of the start, you can only purchase basic items from Méli (photo1

), taken from the Citizens' Office, bottom left of Tom Nook (photo2).

By talking to Méli, you can buy her one of the two day or day decorations and recipes for things. Méli will also be able to buy your items from you in metals. At the beginning of the adventure, this will be the only way to earn money. To create Nook Boutique, you must first complete "Looking for Thibou's creatures


Bring five creatures to Tom Nook and set up Thibou's tent on your island paradise. When you return to the Citizens' Office, Méli will ask you to bring the following items: 30 wood, 30 hardwood, 30 soft wood and 20 metal wagons (photo5). Give her what she asks for to find a Site Kit Store and thus place a Boutique Nook on the island (photo6).


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