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More information comes from Nintendo & # 39; s Mario remasters •




As well as Paper Mari returning to the roots of the series.

After the initial swell of the flood gates yesterday, new details have been published on how Nintendo's upcoming list of old and new games will actually be released.

There is something more, in the new Panch Mario switchch game, which is yet to be announced by Nintendo itself.

Venturebeat has announced that three 3D prints of Mario will be given to the collection, called "Super Mario All-Stars 2". This branding on Eurogamer sounds like it's being used internally.

Eurogamer confirmed that Mario Galaxy was one of those games yesterday, following a proposal in the first VGC report. A recent report from Gematsu confirmed that Mario 64 and Mario Sunlight had two other titles.

Along with this collection pack, the first VGC report suggested that "most" of Mario's back catalog would be brought to the switch.

Well, as Eurogamer explained yesterday, Super Mario 3D World is getting the release of Delxe with new content. And it has been suggested that other, older Mario games not already in the Turnro Online library may be added there.

Finally, the new Paper is Mario. Yesterday, a similar Venturebeat report suggested that "it could represent a return to the brother's roots". In other words, it will give you the same experience and RPG-like structure of the series on the N64 and GameCube. Again, it's something Eurogamer has heard from those familiar with Nintendo's plans.

Many fans view the series & # 39; GameCube entry on Mario: The Year-Old Door as a Franchise Attachment – and this is something the current game is shooting for. Recent entries have removed some of the assets of the & # 39; s RPG series and tested the gimmicks of the forums – none of which have gone down with fans.

Nintendo hoped to lift the title on its plans for Mario at E3, before the 35th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. release in September.


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