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The 12 lightweight mice in FPS games •




There is a new kind of mouse to play in the market: high-light. These lightweight mice use beekeeping and other techniques to cut down on complications where possible, forming a mouse with easy to aim. After the initial releases by experts such as Glitter and Finalmouse, many product types have now made the rats more light in terms of new size, shapes and features. Some of these rats even reduce the look of the holey, with an internal modification to lose weight and a solid outer shell. After extensive testing of all Ultra-light mice in FPS games such as Apex Legends and CSGO, we are ready to make our recommendations. Here are eleven rats of bright light in 2020.

Note: For the purposes of this article, we consider a light mouse as any mouse weighing 80 grams or less – although light mice often weigh less. Both beekeepers and traditional bodybuilders are eligible for inclusion. As a result of comparisons, many normal rats weigh 100 grams; The famous Logitech G502 weighs over 120 grams.

To find out more about Ultra-light gaming mice, check out our article on why light-tooth bees are the next big thing in PC gaming. If you choose a heavy mouse, check out our complete list of rivals for the best gaming mouse 2020.

Without further ado, here are the 10 best mice of light for 2020:


Excellent mouse for ultra-light 2020

  1. Glitter Model O

  2. Cooler Master MM710 / MM711

  3. Razer Viper Ultimate

  4. Xtrfy M4

  5. Glittering Model D

  6. Razer Viper Mini

  7. Roccat Kone Pure Ultra

  8. Logitech G Pro Wireless

  9. Endgame Gear XM1 White

  10. Glitter Model O-

  11. G-Wolves Skoll

  12. Finalmouse Ultralight 2

Here's the level of the mice in terms of weight alone, as well as important specifications – such as the sensor on board and the size. We divided the designs into two aspects: "honeycomb" or "custom" based on the fact that they have external holes and "ambidextrous" or "ergonomic" based on the fact that the left and right mouse sides are the same. Symmetric rats are the only option that can work for left-handed drivers, but most right-handers like this style.

The mouseWeightSensorDesignDimensions
Finalmouse Ultralight 250 gramsPMW 3360Bee, ambidextrous116x54x36mm
Cooler Master MM71052 gramsPMW 3389Bee, ambidextrous116x64x38mm
Glitter Model O-58 gramsPMW 3360Bee, ambidextrous120x63x36mm
Razer Viper Mini60 gramsPMW 3359Traditional, ambidextrous118x62x38mm
Cool Master MM71162 gramsPMW 3389Bee, ambidextrous116x64x38mm
Roccat Kone Pure Ultra66 gramsPMW 3361Traditionally, it's ergonomic115x70x39mm
G-Wolves Skoll66 gramsPMW 3360Bees, ergonomic125x68x42mm
Xtrfy M466 gramsPMW 3389Bees, ergonomic120x68x39mm
Glitter Model O67 gramsPMW 3360Bee, ambidextrous128x66x37mm
Glittering Model D68 gramsPMW 3360Bees, ergonomic128x68x42mm
Endgame Gear XM170 gramsPMW 3389Traditional, ambidextrous122x66x38mm
Razer Viper Ultimate74 gramsThe focus of the Razer +Traditional, ambidextrous127x66x38mm
Logitech G Pro Wireless80 gramsHero 16KTraditional, ambidextrous125x64x40mm

1. Glittering Model O


67 grams • PMW 3360 sensor • Bee design • 128x66x37mm • RGB

The Glified Model O remains our best gaming mouse in the market, thanks to inventions that combine many modern features: a weight-saving beef design, a very flexible "mirror" cable, a modern PMW 3360 sensor and RGB light. It is also of the highest quality as it is the most affordable high light, costing around £ 45 in the UK and $ 50 in the US. Those are matte blends in black or white; A glossy coat is available in a small premium. The Model O is an excellent ultra-light bulb for mid-range gamers.

2. Master Cooler MM710


52 grams • PMW 3389 sensor • ambidextrous honey design • 116x64x38mm • no RGB

The MM710 is another solid option, with a unique strawberry design and lightweight weight in a widely available mouse – the Finalmouse Ultralight 2 is light, but it was sold for a limited time. The long hump on the back of the MM710 makes it a smart choice for thick claw players, which should naturally be at the bottom of the hand to provide extra comfort and control that is not possible with a subtle mouse. The MM710 does not include RGB lighting of any kind, a rare option in 2020 that allows for minimal cost savings and costs. The short but large size makes this a great choice for game players of almost any size.

The MM711 is a slightly heavier and more expensive version of the MM710 that adds RGB lighting and is available in many colors and wear. We found that it offered excellent performance as the MM710, with an extra 10 pounds of weight savings on some of the more advanced options. If RGB light is important, the MM711 is a premium mouse worth considering.

3. Razer Viper Ultimate


74 grams • Razer Focus sensor + traditional ambidextrous writing sensor • 127x66x38mm • RGB

The Razer Viper Ultimate is a remarkably wireless mouse, given its 70-hour long battery life and unmistakable RGB air-conditioning design. The mouse uses an optical mouse switch, which was previously used on the Razer & # 39; s opto-mechanical keyboard, eliminates the need for a de-bounce delay and thus accelerates clicking for a few miles. The Focus + sensor is also impressive, promising improved responsiveness by synchronizing sensor reporting to a computer's polling level. After all this technobabble operation, there is a very nice gaming mouse with a luxurious feel and a very high price, exceeding that of our wireless option, the Logitech G Pro Wireless. There is also a type of cord, the standard Viper, which is a bit more expensive and weighs in at a lightweight 69g.

4. Xtrfy M4


66 grams • PMW 3389 sensor • Ergonomic bee design • 120x68x39mm • RGB

The X 4ffy & # 39; s Project 4 mouse was announced by Model O, promising the mouse "light but more functional and durable … in a left, ergonomic shape." A few months later, this is exactly what was delivered, with a right-hand design that wraps around the tip of your thumb to make the mouse easier to handle and a bee pattern to keep the weight down. The cord, steering wheel, buttons and sensor are all solid, so if you like the shape and size you are sorted. The mouse is also one of the best ultra-looking lamps on the market, with RGB light, Xtrfy light branding inside and a choice of five colors – black, white, blue, pink and & # 39; retro & # 39; beige.

Counter-Strike superstar Zywoo and a few of his contemporaries used the M4 in a competitive game.

5. Glittering Model D


68 grams • PMW 3360 sensor • Ergonomic bee design • 128x68x42mm • RGB

Another excellent ergonomic option for food managers and then the second in the ODIN-designed ODIN series, the Model D comes with a reduced PixArt 3360 sensor, a lower 68 grams weight and a better RGB design. The Model D is taller and heavier than the Kone Pure Ultra, but comes with a better shoelace-style cable that feels almost cordless. Due to its low value, we can see that this is a high value extracted to the left and best suited for those with medium to large hands.

6. Razer Viper Mini


60 grams • PMW 3359 sensor • traditional grip design • 118x62x38mm • RGB

The Viper Mini is a stellar player at its price point, packing a PixArt 3359 optical switch sensor, low latical switch, and RGB lighting in the traditional (no-hole) mode at a mere 60 grams. The feel of this mouse is best suited with small hands and in the middle of a finger nail or nail, while the little hands are also able to soften the mouse. The soft cord is another strong point, albeit less flexible as given by the likes of Glory. The Viper Mini is an excellent value for a light mouse.

7. Roccat Kone Pure Ultra


66 grams • PMW 3381 sensor • traditional ergonomic design • 115x70x39mm • RGB

The Roccat Kone Pure Ultra is one of the most common looking lamps in this range, with a traditional left-hand shell that matches the palm. Despite its appearance, Pure Ultra comes alongside beehives like the Xtrfy M4 in terms of overall weight, with thoughtful storage inside while maintaining lice tightness such as RGB lighting and optical sensing. Pure Ultra comes with a soft matte touch too late to use. If you hate the look of holey mice, whether you're using real trypophobia or selectively, this is a great light.

8. Logitech G Pro Wireless


80 grams • 16K Hero sensor • traditional ambidextrous design • 125x64x40mm • RGB

The G Pro Wireless was one of the first mice to reach the 80g threshold, which is twice as impressive considering that wireless rats are considerably heavier than their wired counterparts. The lower weight is achieved by using a more efficient Hero sensor (allows for a smaller battery), and a smaller and smaller body that fits all but the largest hand sizes, especially with a finger or short fingerprint. Its proportional shape works well for both left and right, and also includes side buttons that can be mounted left or right. This is one of the most popular mice for esports, due to its low weight and reliable performance.

9. Endgame Gear XM1 White


70 grams • PMW 3389 sensor • traditional design • 122x66x38mm • no RGB

The unique Endgame Gear XM1 celebrity claim had a fast response time, less than 1ms, but showed no difference in the standard game. Instead, thanks to its high-resolution PixArt 3389 sensor, PTFE small mouse feet and its complete absence of RGB lights. This new white version is more than just a palette change – it comes with a smooth, flexible neckline that was one of the first weaknesses of the original. The boats at the bottom of the mouse were also upgraded. Combined, these two variants make an incredible difference in performance – and that means the XM1 White rides a few places in our ranking.

10. Glittering Model O-


58 grams • PMW 3360 sensor • bee design • 120x63x36mm • RGB

The Model O Minus is a simple scaled-down version of the Glitter Model O, with its large size allowing it to reach the lowest possible weight thanks to the fast flicks. Inside, it's the same – the same reliable 3360 sensor, the same RGB lighting, the same "snap" cable and the superb luxury, just re-engineered to a lesser degree. If you have small hands or are simply looking for one of the easiest gaming mice on the market to use with your finger or finger prints, this is a solid choice. As well as being smaller and lighter than the original Model O, Minus is also less expensive, keeping the price high.

11. G-Wolves Skoll

Photo credit: Optimum Tech (YouTube)

66 grams • PMW 3360 sensor • Ergonomic bee design • 125x68x42mm • RGB

Like the Xtrfy M4, Skoll uses ergonomic design in combination with a flexible cable, modern eye sensor and bee design. The Skoll is a larger system, making it better suited for those who have bigger hands, and is also not as popular with its sound as the M4. Skoll's design mimics Zoie EC's performance, so it's a good choice if you're a fan of these mice but want something light with a modern feel. Skoll and good looking, it has many color options including a very attractive gray. We've linked to the Amazon stock below, but if you're willing to wait a while, great prices – including bundles with mouse buttons or compact cables – are available from the X-Ray Pad distributor, which is shipping worldwide.

12. Finalmouse Ultralight 2


50 grams • PMW 3360 sensor • Bee design • 116x54x36mm • no RGB

Finalmouse Ultralight 2 is no longer produced, but it is still possible to find some units for sale online. The mouse is worth mentioning in the discussion of the finest ultra-light rats, thanks to their low weight, unique appearance and good posture. While the frame is small, the skins provided in the box allow you to build a mouse in different sizes – so that you can make a longer color longer, longer length and more. It is a fun system that works well in practice and allows this amazingly light mouse to be used in a wide range of styles and styles of holding. Choice of nothing, for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to measure a toy mouse hand size

The size of your hand will determine how to use a given mouse. Most lightweight mice will be used with the right hand size, but if you have large or very small hands when choosing a compatible mouse it can provide excellent results. To find out the size of your hand, keep your fingers together and measure from the tip of your long finger to your wrist.

  • Small hands: Less than 170mm (6.7 ")
  • Medium Hands: between 170 and 195mm (6.7 "- 7.7")
  • Large hands: Over 195mm (7.7 ")

You can measure the width of your hand from the bottom of your hand, across your knuckles and pass your thumb. You can compare these two dimensions of hands, length and width, with the mouse you are imagining. 60% of mouse in both of these structures should be the size of your hand.

For example, my hand size is 200mm x 100mm, so I personally want about 120mm x 60mm rats. Different styles of hold can also influence your right mouse size; the finger and finger nail will be about 60 percent correct, while the palms are soft and as a result the rats close to 70 percent of your hand feel comfortable.


Won't the dirt get in the trenches?

I don't think it matters. I have been testing very young rats since May 2019 and I see no dust or dirt visible even on my older rats. And I have never seen a change in time management. If I do, I will update the article accordingly.

In addition, there are not really any parts under the holes that could be affected by contamination – just PCB and RGB lighting, with elements that act as switch buttons are usually covered. I wouldn't advise eating dirty foods or spilling drinks on a very light mouse, but I don't recommend that for any other type of computer that doesn't. If you're worried about this, consider full-body mice such as the Roccat Kone Pure Ultra, Endgame Gear XM1 or Logitech G Pro Wireless.


Are ultra-light mice worth it?

Yes, I would say so. You will see the best benefits for a simple mouse in FPS which is quickly controlled and the battle drag games where aiming quickly and accurately are very important. Aside from these games, all medium and large mice have tested me to be completely comfortable with regular computer use.

Most importantly, while there are more expensive Ultraouse rats – think Finalmouse Ultralight 2 and premium Logitech G Pro Wireless – there are many more affordable options over the £ 45 / $ 50 mark. , so if this is the case for you it is worth trying one of the Ultra lamps we have just recommended to see how it goes.

What do you think of the sections and what light shades you like? Let us know – and if there's a very powerful mouse you think we've missed, why not let us know on Twitter @wsjudd either @digitalfoundry? We will be focusing more on ideas.


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