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The 20 best PS4 VR games to play with •




PSVR is an ideal place to get into one of the most exciting sports events right now. It's cheaper compared to other modes, and although it can be a night weak for the first few times, it tends to work well with smaller gaming spaces.

Most importantly, it is sponsored by a platform manager who has made some amazing games, whether it's Cockney gunplay in Blood and Truth or the glamorous giuntlets of the Astro Bot Rescue Mission.

Given the limited size of the PSVR catalog, it has always been tricky to pick just 20 best games for PSVR. But we have learned a lot. What do you think?

Note Editors: Eurogamer continues to relaunch its series of & # 39; best games & # 39 ;, and today we are revamping the existing list – the best PSVR games we have written for us last year, with many new additions from 2019 and beyond. You will continue to see a list of many platforms that appear on the homepage in the coming weeks, with the aim of updating them several times a year as new releases add to the existing library in the system.

How we organized our best PlayStation VR gaming list

We’ve broken down the upcoming list with an informal, mid-level experience and experience, starting with simple games like Astro Bot and ending games that might be ideal for those with some experience in VR. Beginners' suggestions are mostly static news, and medium and experienced games offer increased movement levels that can create displeasure for new-to-medium players.

All games on this list can be enjoyed no matter your level of VR experience, so don't discount them because you don't think you fall into the right category.

Oh, and of course, this is not direct radiation. We couldn't sample every single PSVR game out there, so if you think we've missed something good, please share your suggestions!


Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Astro Bot himself may not have ready-to-follow characters on screens, but his methods have become much more than just a good forum for entertaining sites: they are genuinely memorable and endearing.

The trick here is that the player is one of the most recognizable in the game world: you usually stay in the center of the map as the small robot that controls the climbs up, around and over.

The suite of-ups, meanwhile, send conflicting hooks and water jets out of your DualShock, which also opens to collect any doodads you find.

The powerful, full-scale design combines with the best managers in the game almost – almost! – competing at Nintendo level.

Want to learn more? See our full review of the Astro Bot Rescue Mission and buy now from Amazon.

The effect of Tetris

Tetsuya Mizaguchi's reorganization of the greatest game is anything but VR, of course, wrapping the light and sound in the sidebar of its falling blocks and a brisk Rule change.

But with VR it becomes a complete surprise: a strange, deep-seated experience as you go through the darkness and color in search of the right points. The beads swell in the air, the ticks gather without sparks and mankind moves from desert caravans to the moon: Tetris Impact's real trick is to bring relief, identity and the absurdity of the mysterious liar.


Want to learn more? See our full review of Tetris Result and buy now from Amazon.


Moss is one of the best titles available on PSVR right now. The game is set in the world of a wonderfully well-known book made for a kind of polish that can only be achieved when creators spend their hearts and souls on a project.

Our plucky heroine Quill is an outstanding feature, in fact, we have the most beautiful pictures and are full of personality even though we are small, but she is not the only star of the show.

Moss makes you a part of the game by broadcasting it as your own character called The Reader. With this bizarre presence you can not only control Quill directly, but you can also access the game world to press, drag and interact with objects. Or you can just look with your eyes in love as you watch the rivers.

These interactions provide you with a believable connection with the game world and help you build a connection with Quill in a way that is not possible with traditional video games.

Moss is best played from a sedentary environment but encourages you to lean on and explore the environment, as if exploring a magical town. Whether you're a complete beginner or an avid video gamer, Moss needs to be in the VR library.

Want to learn more? See our entire Moss review and buy now from Amazon.


Stikik is a puzzle game just like any other. Not only is it immensely immersive, but it also balances its puzzles, making them deceptive but unjust. Its specific glory, however, is the clever way it uses the Daleshock 4 controller to put you in its real world.

You play a test subject with his hands trapped inside a series of complicated puzzle boxes and as you hold your controller in real life, your arms mimic your real-world movement.

The only way to get rid of puzzle boxes is to use your body until you find the right combination of button presses to help move the puzzle to it. Sometimes you can get caught longer, twist and turn the controller on your hands.


Play around with buttons and icons long enough, but, and after a while, something will click – and when it is found this solution is unbelievably satisfying.

Sitik may be one of the smallest PSVR tax-free games out there, but that doesn't stop you from posting a truly memorable – and physically! – experience.

Beat Saber

Watching the Beat Saber even works for a second to be able to play it. There is a test drive for strokes. There is a bright colored lamp in your hands.

Give in to the chug and the soundtrack and rhythm-match drives until all the power in you is completely released.

The Beat Saber is a shirt pulling, furniture wreck, and some of the most kinetic and interactive VR games out there.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Previous Star Trek games have tried to forget that this series is about colleagues who debate moral philosophy. Luckily Ubisoft puts this thing straight ahead, with a VR game where you can bond and disagree as much as you want. Even the simplest purpose can be hand-held here – it's just a disaster that you need more VR friends to get the most out of everything.


Want to learn more? See our full thoughts on Star Trek: Bridge Crew.


Moving past the PSVR & # 39; mid & # 39 ;, Ultrawings games are not the most exciting flight sims but they are certainly one of the best you can find in PSVR.

Hiding behind the basic drawings is a relaxing and stressful game that evokes the feeling of flight altogether, complete with a sudden blast in your stomach when you decide to pull out some extra direction.

Played almost like a VR version of PilotWings, you take the skies above a bunch of small islands in a series of small, private planes and have to complete short challenges to earn enough money to upgrade your route to new aircraft and home cargo.

While your first flight may not feel bigger, your time in the sky will be better, and there are many options available to help you feel more stable.


Ironically the cartoony views hide some of the best in-air physics, when combined with the sound of air passing through your ears, giving the illusion of flying in a way no other PSVR game can.

Finally to refresh the VR experience, turn off in-game music, stick to Spotify playlists and enjoy the freedom of climbing the ocean floor on your favorite wheels – it's magical.

Rez infini

Long before VR, Tetsuya Mizuguchi made a game of light and fury so intense in its impact that from each gaming experience it felt a little like getting your head out of the dishwasher.

With VR, Rez is better than ever: a shotgun fitted with a smart paint and rescue mechanic as you run through the woods and into the temple and into the machine-cleared information pits. It really is amazing.


Want to learn more? See our full review of Rez


Jeff Minter's barking about VR is enough for the trial itself, even before you retire to Polybius, the name of one of the city's oldest and most legendary legends.

Either way, this is still the perfect tower for the old game or you may not know what to get into. The race ahead and the whole explosion in your way is a simple base for the arcade shooter that thrills you with amazing twists and turns.

If you follow psychedelic score-chasing, LLamasoft has you covered, and without any ill health is guaranteed.


Want to learn more? See our full Polybius review.

Blood and Truth

Blood & Truth throws you to Oi Guvnor in London Tahn to get Richie – & # 39; em-up from the formula because it has a simple charm and wit.

You are an old soldier sent back to a family company when a bunch of downsides start getting too close to your lawn. Know what we mean?

Still: the exciting gunplay, the brilliant production values ​​and the real knack for silly interactive moments make this a treat that includes surprises Sold!


Want to learn more? See our Blood and Truth review and buy now from Amazon.


Superhot still feels like it's fast. Time, right, goes only when you do. So when controlling your movement, reaching for weapons, throwing broken bottles, setting a new cycle, you control the speed at which violent violence erupts around you.

It is truly amazing that a game with shorter levels and shallow breaths has got you right into the heart of the action that feels so focused on VR.

In addition, the white boxing facilities and the crystal-clear body look fantastic in a private theater.

Want to learn more? See our full review of Superhot and buy now from Amazon.

The Red Story

Out there in the field of the Solar System, a one-step Soviet society has left worrying secrets.

This is the case of Red Matter, a sci-fi test show that builds its short working time with the show, a real feeling of not having to deal with your interactions and some good puzzle design.

Red Matter has solved so many control issues that could affect VR games that are so appealing that it should be text edited elsewhere. But that makes it sound like it's not fun, and it really is.

Want to learn more? See our full Red Matter appearance on the site.


Thumper is a kind of gut-wrenching action game: you run around the chrome beetle near the cosmic razor while the music bites the nails to your ears. It's light. It's still light when you play it, but in VR it's just a little bit light. There is something about being alone in the dark with this scary thing, traveling fast, deep, far, far from the earth. VR is great for transport. With Thumper there is a real joy of going somewhere very sad.


Want to learn more? See our full review of Thumper.

Paper Beast

Eric Chahi returns to the visual physics of From Dust with a VR game that is impossible to forget. Visit the mysterious world where monsters that degrade are made of pure paper material to combine to create a rich environment. Solve the puzzle but also marvel at the magnificent wildlife, reaching the heart of the earth driven by the supernatural. Not humble.


Want to learn more? See our full review of Paper Beast.


Finally, here are some of the most advanced user, starting with Sairento.

Ah, but you will cut your heads off! Walls to run! The frozen stairs for the suspects will be circled before spreading justice with bullets, swords, all sorts of awesome and glorious things.

Sairento by Matrix and John Wick were moved to the mighty Japan and were sent with that joy that VR is great for integration. A wonder of violence and a game with a rare sense of style.

Want to learn more? See our full Sairento appearances on the site and buy now from Amazon.

Skyrim VR

What is needed to make one of the game's best games feel new again? It turns out that VR will do the trick, bringing a new sense of scale and speed to an already explosive RPG with magic and violence.

The trees climb high, the caves keep you in the dark and there is a real shock coming when you first get the bear at the opening of the game for a few minutes.

Skyrim VR is a great excuse to go back to one of the game's most stylish venues, and it's a great way to wait for years before the final sequel appears.

Want to learn more? See Skyrim VR impressions and buy now from Amazon.

Disadvantages of Living 7

With an awesome game with a real sense of focus and purpose, it's glorious to see Resident Evil 7 embrace VR as an option for those who can afford the kit and handle some heartbreaking moments.

The end result is effective. You may feel uncomfortable if you can quickly compete with Capcom's world, but quicker methods are never effective.

The astronomical series has lost none of its startling magic in the evolution of the PSVR headset.

Want to learn more? See our entire Resident Evil 7 review and buy now from Amazon.

Zero fire hour

Perhaps the most obvious thing that Firewall Zero Hour does is to pick the slowest, showing gunplay games like Rainbow Six over its twenty siblings.

This makes this multiplayer shooter a must for VR, while the best controls and level design combine with a very fun online community to create a smaller environment.

Forget the mysterious name then – and totally don't get confused with Bravo Team, which is a stinker – and forgive some of the uncomfortable lobbies. This is the real thing.


Want to learn more? See our full review of Firewall Zero Hour and buy now from Amazon.

Ace Combat 7

Ace Combat 7 saw the Bandai Namco dog series take on new mountains, and if you have a PSVR there is a new feeling available as you approach the sky. On a VR tour here it may be limited to a few, but how good it is – immersed, full of content and genuinely enjoyable, they are a surefire way to show off the best qualities of Tony's head. A must have, if you own a PSVR.


Want to learn more? See our full review of Ace Combat 7.

No human Sky VR

Hello Games & # 39; opus was always sold in a building to take you to another distant dream, and what better way to do that with VR? This is not an understatement, and it is the fact that the No Man's full skies – that is the impossible size – are used with a real, powerful sense of play as you imagine. Indeed, it is the easiest way to play this wonderful game right now.


Want to learn more? See the full coverage of No Man & # 39; s Sky VR.

What was previously on the list for the best PSVR games?

As we constantly update this excellent PSVR game list with new releases, games should be cleared to make room – but it's still worth your while altogether.

Games removed from the March 2018 list are:

  • For starters: Lost Bear, Rec Room, Job Simulator
  • Medium: Farpoint, Till Tonight: The Bloodshed
  • Advanced: Doom VFR, Green Data, Sprint Vector

And with this, here is a collection of some hidden gems to look for when following the suggestions of the best PSVR game:


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