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14 percent is sold Ubisoft in the final quarter from Xbox One




Ubisoft has given economic results today after the closing quarter. The company has reported really good results that have occurred in recent months and it looks like they will gradually release in the remainder of 2020 despite complications caused by the coronavirus.

With the official press release, Ubisoft has revealed exciting details at all levels.

The FY20, more marked for the delay in the commencement, income of € 1,534m. The last quarter was excellent, registering € 417.4M thanks to good work on our "back catalog", especially Rainbow Six Siege, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, just Dance 2020 and Division 2, which has allowed him to finish the season at the top of the schedule. 2/3 of the € 55M exceeding the target we had set up for this Q, was registered before mid-March, when the shutdown hit a number of countries, with 60% coming from PRI (Player Recurring Investment).

Ubisoft sales platform

On the other hand, we have data on the percentage of games sold by Ubisoft on each of the main platforms.

  • PlayStation 4 – 26%
  • Xbox One – 14%
  • PC -% 26%
  • Nintendo Swap – 10%
  • Mobile – 16%
  • Others – 8%

In the 12 months last year Xbox One had a 16% gaming sales share of Ubisoft. In general lines, has almost always maintained the habit between 14 and 20% since 2018.

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