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A mature video for The Avenger, a THQ game was canceled



Before learning about the development of Marvel's new Avenger, THQ was already working on its game with Marvel superheroes. The name given to the game was also The Avenger, a title that was meant to be one of the best genre of superheroes.

The company encountered several problems, resulting in the project being eventually canceled and not being restarted. We now know more about this topic and its thanks for some leaks.

What could have been THQ's The Avenger

Avenger was introduced as a first-person game, initially we would have chosen between 4 characters: Iron Man, Captain America, Tor and Hulk, all known characters within the Marvel universe.

The game may have played a big role, because overcoming enemies we gain experience that will help us improve our characters. Each hero has his or her own abilities, such as the Captain America shield or Thor his hammer.

First-class videos are possible, this is notable for the lack of compositions. We have to remember that Crystal Dynamics and Plat Enix are building a Marvel`s Avenger coming September 4 on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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