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Alan Wake's decade




Today is the day marked in red on many calendars. In particular, from these followers of one of the most successful and most sought after games in the Repair catalog. Yes, we're talking about Alan Wake, a 14-year-old article today. And it celebrates an unimaginable figure, since it was introduced 10 years ago.

The game, on the Xbox 360 only, has an entire fan base that has been growing since the launch of the game until today. And more than likely they will join the club, because we remember that it is a compatible game back and you can enjoy it on the Xbox One.

Alan Wake, which is a reminder of possible wonders

Reed, who reads behind this timeless work, recalled a day on his Twitter with a message thanking the support of all Alan Wake fans. But, in addition, research has promised that today we will have something new franchise-related. What will they expect?

Anyway, Alan Wake, one of the most important on the Xbox, is celebrating its birthday and its fans are looking forward to the second half that they hope will happen soon.

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