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An in-depth review of the Rock Rock Galactic




Coming back to E3 2017, the conference Microsoft showed the game on its far edge and eliminated enemies in the cave. Deep Rock Galactic, the title of this unique game, has been available as the first version on Xbox One and Windows 10 to this day, which is finally out for its final version.

We will dive into the skin of one of the four rivers available for exploration in the various countries available. Our first goal will be to defeat Hoxes IV in what we learn to play. From here, different orders and arrival work will reach each situation. To get rid of them you will need to defeat many analysts using the skills of the selected character.

It's a game with Xbox Play Support Anywhere, so we can only buy it once on our Xbox One and play it on a PC without a problem. Plus, since it's a multiplayer game, we'll be able to interact with our friends wherever it is on the platform, something to enjoy.

Technical section

We will start in the local space, where we can do different tasks and whose design is simple but very effective. From here we will be able to see the various stages with this map, each of which has a different setting. Ice, earth, rock and more will be part of what is there.

It's not the most complicated, but it looks beautiful and, when you consider the possibilities it offers, it is understandable that they have chosen a beauty like this. Short ones will have the most sophisticated model we can see when customizing as we want. Right now the Deep Rock Galactic is very complete and we will have many customizations growing as we go.

The Deep Rock Galactic texts will be entirely Spanish, though we can change the language among the many available from the original title screen. If it is true that at one time one of our employer's messages was written in English, but as a general rule everything will be translated correctly.


On the ship we will have different activities that will allow us to upgrade our equipment or enjoy mini games for a while. We can drink on the line, even though you have to open it first, dance with the record player or try to insert the drum with a beat.

In terms of upgrading equipment, we can customize the selection, upgrade our weapons or upgrade Bosco, our robot. In terms of weapon upgrades, depending on our level we can add one or the other. All of these are blocked and we have to buy them for minerals and coins found in the mission.

Some levels will have different development options, and that we have to choose the best one for the machines in question. When we buy a certain number of these, we can find new design patterns. We will see this in the bottom bar for development, which shows the value of unlock and where it is rewarding.

In addition, each character can be added to a series of further improvements we will receive by completing the journey. These goals will be localized and we will be able to find relevant points to exchange for different skills.

Bosco is a robot that will accompany us when we play alone, and whom we can send to grind, it will give us a little light and even fight us. By default it can renew us once, something that can be upgraded from a ship. In addition, it will be very useful in combat, simplifying the initial movements.

For a series of defined objectives and trips we can find an order panel. This will give us many options, including unlocking deadly mode of difficulty. You must select only the one we like, and a specific trip number will match this one.

On the map we will be able to see different peaks that occur from time to time, and depending on the order we have will have to move to one place or another. If instead we want to get only the materials, the choice will be as we please, including the nature of the mission.

We will find a collection of minerals, where we will be given a specific one and we will have to go into the caves looking for it. In the middle we will face enemy crowds, and they will have to come down for the most part.

Another type of activity is to collect eggs, in which there will be nest nests to be dismantled to receive these items. When we release them from their wrappers they will call more monsters, so be careful.

What is perhaps the shortest and sweetest is the rediscovery of the M.U.L.A. destroyed. We'll have to find them, get their legs back and connect them. Once this is done it will be left to repair, replace the ship and ship and receive other items. The last two sections consist of machine and defensive maneuvers with various enemies where they find our position.

The last one on the present trip will be the destruction of two enemies with a lot of life and a shield. This can be managers. We will have to get the creatures out of the eggs, and a weapon that causes enough damage will be dangerous and necessary.

Bosco can bring us back if we die once, at least with a disability. If unfortunately we are left with no ability to regenerate and die, we will receive part of what we received from the mission, and we will appear in the ship's operating room. Here we can see a summary of how the task failed.

Selection of letters will be an important factor so that the above does not happen. We will have a drummer, an engineer, a bomber. Each of them will have a Basic Weapon, a Secondary Weapon, and a list of unique abilities in their category.

The driver will have some driving that gets us in the way faster, as well as a pump that will build a huge hole. An engineer will have turrets or a platform gun to create our path. The inspector will have a tip for moving quickly between points or the main gun. Finally there's a gun that can create zip lines. The important thing is to try them all and stay with the one we love the most.


Completing the tutorial, or the first nine-day trip to conquer Hoxxes IV can take us about 6 hours. This will vary depending on our ability, level of difficulty or if we like to explore more or hit rocks at once. From here there will be more freedom on the journey and the possibilities will be endless.

Of the various types of standard equipment we can find, the collection of minerals may be one too many, and it may take more than 45 minutes to complete. Relaxation, of course, will take a little, but nothing removes us from taking more than 25 minutes to each of them.

the end

Deep Rock Galactic is well thought out to play with friends and have a great time exploring. While it is true that Bosco is a good ally, it can weigh less, or even find times when it is easier to die, at least because of the number of enemies around us.

When the Deep Rock Galactic is the brightest it will be in the company, and though not only bad, it does. So, as it is an Xbox Play game Everywhere it will be able to switch between PC and console, or to different friends each play at their favorite location.

For one thing, the Deep Rock Galactic is so well done, the touch of exploration in the dark with flags is very important and it is associated with different caves. Being able to turn 100% of our surroundings is a rare thing to have, and that would be a pretty deep Rock Rock Galactic.


I started playing Xbox a lot thanks to Call of Duty online. Since then I haven't stopped playing competitive online.

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