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Blue Memory Infinite composer thanks the support




Light Memory: Infinite is a game created by FYQD Studio and edited by PLAYISM. Lots of progress made by one person, which is surprising in some ways to see the great quality of it.

The game was in the beginning The smoke, where we can enjoy the first chapter. With the release of the Xbox One, Ps4 and Pc, we can now enjoy even more on the Xbox Series X.

The Blue Memory Infinite composer is grateful for the support received during his development

The developer has it exposed on Twitter expresses his gratitude for the support he received during Steam's first acquisition. This allowed him to hire companies to finish the game. FYQD Studio has improved 80% of the game, leaving 20% ​​in the hands of subsidiaries.

Blue Memory Infinite is the first-person shooter of the future, combining various weapons and swords. The trailer featured on Inside was a gameplay filmed by the manufacturer itself on the new American console. The game will support native 4K and will be played at 60fps. Blue Memory plans to leave by the end of the year, accompanied by a new generation.

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