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Bungie will allow access to off-season activities in Destiny 2




One of your desired goals Sing in Deliny 2 it was to enhance its narrative and make the seasons a vital link between them, giving it consistency and continuity. With each season, the loore of the game expands and gives us new directions with their character and characters. It is now apparent that the study has received little information and that the program is particularly applicable to newcomers or those who have not played any season throughout the year.

Sing is committed to removing all possible obstacles that affect player access; For this reason, and as of season 12, some activities will not disappear once the season ends. In the future, we will have the option to jump to content from previous times unless we meet any specific requirements.

Bungie will allow access to off-season activities in Destiny 2

From this study they consider that developing seasonal activities requires time and effort and eliminating them every three months is a waste of resources and a lost opportunity for newly installed players, regardless of when the season is doing so.

More open content for Desiny 2

For example, if we started playing for the upcoming season 11, we never helped Osiris fight Vex in the dark garden in season 8, and we never saved Sam-14 in season 9 or linked Bunkers Rasputin in season 10. Lack of ability to do these jobs means lack of of the relevant knowledge of the player's structure.

Now Sing It is suggested that it give us alternatives in this regard. From next year 4, we can return "Vex annoying", "Clock Sun" either "Serafin Towers" throughout the year, giving the player the opportunity to enjoy additional content throughout the season.

This will also affect the rewards. The goal is to reduce the pressure of doing it all in one season. Other weapons selected from season 8, 9 and 10 will be added to the new engram that will appear during the 11th. In this way, the availability of seasonal content will be guaranteed throughout the year.

The exact details of how these changes will be made have not yet been clarified and will form part of what will be Disney Year 4, which will be with us in September.


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