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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Review Updated




In this generation that is on its way to a full 7 years, we have more incarnations of the Call of Duty saga than we thought we would. The franchise has not only been established as a year, but has managed to maintain its status both at the level of popularity and competitiveness among players around the world. But in the Xbox 360 era, when the first Modern Warfare became a real revolution, it was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 that included a different way of seeing the campaign and multiplayer.

And not only that, Modern Warfare 2 was the last celebrity with the activation of the talented Vince Z ampella and Jason West with Infinity Ward before launching the well-known Respawn, featuring Titan, Apex Legends and Fallen Order as decorations in the resume. In addition to the launch of the post-operative studio and the obvious reboot of the 2019 Modern Warfare, we will focus on what worries us today, to redefine the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 campaign.

Aside from enjoying a one-month break on the Sony equipment, it made very little noise on the Xbox specifically for this reason. And believe me, he's not worth it. This one in Modern Warfare 2 is one of the best campaigns we've ever enjoyed in Call of Duty and almost by extension, in the first-person action game. It is an ongoing audiovisual game from which it is very difficult to find due to its powerful and surprising rhythm.

Especially if during this time we will enjoy a complete renaming of the image, from lighting and effects to resolution, which grows in line with what was seen in the previous generation. True, as happened at the anniversary of the First World War, the goods seem to be the same, but there is such a change even at the detail and representation of each model, it looks like a straightforward game from this generation.

Technical section

As you well know as a result of our policy, it is correct to warn that the text is inclined to remastering analysis and not to the original game. For this reason, we can say that the game was amazing, that the screens on the screen are great and the size reached by the title never fails to excel.

And that's on the Xbox 360, because on the Xbox One the fact that it meets all of the above and beyond. 60 fps is more stable than ever, both on the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, according to Digital Foundry, which stated that in both cases and as usual, the title uses image reconstruction techniques to reach 1080p at One IS and 4K in One X, the last one being 1620p. The feeling in control is a real miracle, obviously, so, we can not only complain, but celebrate it.

The revised edition includes discussions in Spanish, such as original, amazing music and high adrenaline volumes. But if we must compare it, if we can assure you that Beenox, the studio responsible for this memory, did a much better job than reminiscent of Commons of Duty 4, which was released in 2016 along with Infinite Warfare.


It should be borne in mind that this remake, as its name suggests, includes a Modern Warfare campaign and no multiplayer feature, so if you want or try to remember this feature, we urge you to install the original Xbox 360, which is backwards compatible. One and take a few games. Because this will take a good couple of hours of serious action and remember in a renewed way one of the best action game campaigns we can remember.

But as far as the campaign goes, let's remember briefly. In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, we will continue the story of Captain Price and now Captain John & # 39; Soap & # 39; McTavish, but 5 years later that happened. Zakhaev, the villain of the first installment, has become a legend there in Russia and is now Makarov, one of his readers, our greatest enemy.

There are many opponents we will target, in the US Army and in Task Force 141, which is a special place and will take on some of the most spectacular activities in the series, such as the Gulag attack, the prosecution of Rio, the Whiskey Hotel's defense of the spectacular Washington DC attacks or the controversial post "Russian nothing", criticized by many countries its brutal nature, which when playing it also caused us to waste our resources and a significant sense of insecurity.

A full-scale war between Russia and the USA has been disclosed because of Makarov's treachery so, we will have an act left with no qualifications to explain his good looks. All of this image finish helps to immerse the occasional immersion of the original, as well as the bright highlights on the outside and the beautiful interior. But there will also be a lack of outdated imagery environments, or poorly documented locations that quickly reflect the high barrier of the previous generation when it comes to displaying large maps.


It's definitely not a strong part of the Call of Duty campaign. In fact, he was the conscience of the people he had complained about. However, in this generation, full of long games, open worlds, and innumerable bad endings, users once again thanks to briefs, cinemas and amazing experiences. And this is the strength of today's World War 2 from short-term weaknesses.

But it's not at all possible to complete the campaign in six or seven hours, or to back it up with great difficulty, we will also have a series of open extensions directly linked to the growth collector, which will vary from virtual modes (for example Noir style) to replacing the pineapple blasts that shoot. However, what we really liked is the kind of museum that comes from the end of the game, where we will see its diamamas with each of those machines and exhibitions and all kinds of weapons, cars, etc. enjoying the magic button we don't tell it does: D


It was hard for me not to discuss this before leaving it to the end, but the great point of a renaming of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is that when you are limited to € 25, it takes you a while to enjoy the surprises that we guarantee you will enjoy. . This price is about the same as dozens of indies coming out weekly and made from previous generation AAA, it looks like a match from this.

Despite the fact that it's a slow-paced game because there were so many to boot it not many years ago, all of a sudden the server has turned into a pillar in the middle of an hour-long series of articles and transcendental indies. So, this recall is so small that you don't mind spending € 25 on the same as you would spend on a new BluRay HD movie, it's very important. I enjoyed it as a real kid.

* Due to the implementation of the review.


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