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Daylight is declared dead at noon




The fact that Konami is trying out her IP is true, the Japanese company is not giving the ball its introduction, and it does not seem very willing to bet as much on development times as it did in the past. Konami is into something else, and her goal is to turn the business into something more.

For this reason working with other games, studios and creators is not surprising. We had been hearing about the return of Silent Hill for a while

All this despite the fact that the Japanese have said that their return will not be “as we all hope”. And maybe they were referring to this.

Afternoon Lunch – Silent Hill

This is a DLC multiplayer multiplayer DLC game, with the official launch of Silent Hill, among the added risks that an uninterrupted pyramid head would be otherwise.

Silent Hill is a new chapter of Dead by Daylight. Including new killer, The Ruleji, and new survivor, Cheryl Mason. The Silent Hill Chapter also introduces a new map, Middlewich Elementary School: the child abuse that once took place in its rooms next to a twisted and nocturnal design.

This content will arrive in June on consoles and PCs. No date is closed, but is expected at the beginning of it. We also leave you 10 minutes of gameplay for this DLC with the help of IGN.


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