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Deep Rock Galactic comes with version 1.0 on Xbox One and PC




In the past, at E3 in 2017, the announcement of the Xbox One X, a very powerful generation console that came to solve some basic solution problems, was officially made, a major change in its hacking capabilities. At the time of the verdict, indicated several games and certain specific trailer when these articles has been verified that they will solve the 4K this new console.

One of the games that was on display at the time was Deep Rock Galactic, an indie title where we will play as a member of a team of far-flung miners who intend to go through dangerous caves with precious mines.

Deep Rock Galactic comes out first on the Xbox One and PC

The same announcement at E3 'Conference confirmed that the game will come in a way to get the Xbox One in 2018, something happened in February of that year and since then has been in favor of the development and review of the occurrence of creators.

And that's why today Deep Rock Galactic fans are in luck, because after such a long time, we can finally say that the title has come out of this previous reach and has been able to version 1.0

too much version of its PC njengaseXbox One. With this update A new series of development and content has been added, Both from requests from the community of players and ideas to improve themselves, passing on the new biomes, new levels in our group Maiden status, assignments to players as the objectives completed, etc.

We are very excited to see how Deep Rock Galactic has finally been able to present it as a complete game, and we hope they will continue to update it over time, so we will be cautious on any additional issues in the future. If you want to take a look at our fresh, oven-fresh reviews, you can do that here.

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