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Echo is the new Overwatch hero




We know that Blizzard is working on the other side in Overwatch 2. But the company itself has confirmed that we still have enough time to see it in our odds, and that they will now continue to sponsor the first game with the release of new heroes. And today we can announce that we already know who will be the next hero to join Blizzard Hero Shooter.

In the meantime it will be the Echo, an evolutionary robot for artificial intelligence that is rapidly approaching. In this way, Echo represents the most advanced technology in the Overwatch universe. Also, how it came about with each new character added by Blizzard, we had already seen him before.

Echo is the new heroine of Overwatch

Do you remember the robot saving McCree in the video of Ashe's origins? Yes, that robot is the Echo. As always with Overwatch, Blizzard continues to investigate all the characters and their interactions well, expanding their already extensive load. Something that will greatly enhance the sequence in line with the unique storytelling it will have.

Finally, to keep up with the announcement, the company has released the Echo Mwanzoins trailer. In this way, we found out that it's actually not a whore, as we all would imagine, if not that it was a robot implanted in the memories of Dr. Liao, the scientist who created the omnics.

Keep in mind that Overwatch is already available on the Xbox One and PC and that its sequel will reach both platforms with more heroes than ever before, a shared competition between both titles and new game modes.



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