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Geoff Keighley Suggests Big Changes in Next Generation Image Quality



Last week saw an important moment for the launch of gameplays running on the Xbox Series X. The presentation allowed, in a timely and fast way, to have the first interaction with what Microsoft console would be able to offer. The first interaction, which is not well known is that if an aperitif is used, for everything to find in the coming weeks. For others, it seems to have allowed us to reach certain conclusions, where Geoff Keighley suggests significant changes in the image quality of the next generation.

There is a lot of detail about what jumper generation means, where there has been a lot of talk about speed of comfort, loading times and the ability to cover a lot in situations and proposals. As for the graphics field, it has been postponing those who see significant jumps, by Ray Tracing, and those who don't see real change. So far, generations after generation have made major leaps in art that involved major graphics improvements, and some have cast doubt on this.

Geoff Keighley He wanted to give him some idea of ​​what the new generation would be like in the industry. Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5 hasn't shown its strength, but depending on their expectations, they've produced many more. Geoff Keighley proposes a major change in the quality of the next-generation paintings in the magazine he published IGN medium. The most impressive thing is that, when it comes to giving it hype, it confirms that "This item may not be old properly":

And it's hard to predict exactly what we will find, especially when everything so far is contradictory. If you wanted to get out of doubt during the Inside Xbox introduced Xbox Series X, you didn't. But Keighley points "Significant improvements", referred to Ray Tracing as something that will be able to give a more advanced look. At the moment, there is little to gain, and it all depends on how involved the developers are. Because if we remember and rwe remember those video games running Nvidia & # 39; s Ray Tracing, We see that there are important changes, but they may not be everything that other users want.

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The fact is that Keighley may have been waiting for the right time to conclude something about the future. Because Summer Game Fest is just getting started with the first event that doesn't leave too many clues as to what the next generation of consoles will be able to do. We'll have to wait a couple of weeks to resolve the doubts, get new gameplays and let us reach conclusions.

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