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Ghost Recon Breakpoint brings new phase and new sacrifices



One of the main enemies of the Gosts is hiring new allies who are dangerous in the new branch Ghost Recon Breakpoint, but the Ghosts are fighting a new Pathfinder segment, which could order the giant Azraël drone to target enemies by flying planes. Episode 3: The Red Patriot arrives on Xbox One on September 15, and in addition to a new adventure and a new class, this episode will bring updates to PVP and a bevy of Maria's in-game store items to help you refresh your Ghost look and uploads. .

By now, most of the Ghosts have crossed paths with Trey Stone, the dignified head of the Sentinel PMC whose respect for human life leaves much to be desired. In a new news adventure, the Red Patriot, Stone hired a Russian separatist group, Bodark, to plan an attack on American soil. Naturally, the Gosts do not, and are in the process of degrading Bodark and setting up the Stone program. Throughout the 10 rounds of this adventure, players will navigate through the branch story and decide how to handle the voluntary goals of planning their way to stop Stone. The first two machines will be free for all players, and they can purchase a complete adventure at the Microsoft Store. First-year World Cup winners will be able to play all of them in 10 missions, and players who complete the adventure will receive a huge prize harvest along the way.

As they raise their new enemies, the Ghosts will have new tactics to raise their arms. The new Pathfinder phase can cost down airstrikes from the powerful Azraël drone flying high above, giving the Ghosts strong air support for use in battle. The Pathfinder-specific tool is called the Uplink Protocol, an important airstrike stimulant and is only available among well-hidden storage depots. Among Pathfinder's production capabilities are the ability to highlight such repositories, as well as a new type of hot concept called Scout Vision. Completing their set of unique skills is Wild Metabolism, an idle skill that makes buffs on a balanced diet last longer and have a greater impact. World Cup winners 1 will be the first to get the most out of their munchies (and, you know, everything that happens with airstrike) with a one-week nomination from September 15. After that, Pathfinder will be free for all players to open.

For those who enjoy the taut release, a demonstration of the techniques of Breakpoint's PVP mode, Ghost War, a new map is coming in, with three new machines tied to Pathfinder and two special rewards for efficiency and a new class.

It all comes to Xbox One in episode 3: Red Patriot today, so pull your Ghillie suit, upload your co-workers to the chopper, and get ready for Ghost.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Breakpoint

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