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Ion Fury Now Available on Xbox One




Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison decides to kill transhumanist mastermind Dr Jadus Heskel on the streets of Neo DC. It leaves a trail of massacres at all major levels, with many pathways full of massive explosions, more secret locations than we can count, and humane enemies behind them all. No life is rebuilding here; stop taking cover and start running and pointing at guns.

Sherly's fight to take down Heskel's forces will see him destroyed by a break when he has multiple weapons, complete with other fire modes and different types of ammo.

Ion Fury makes fun of the idea of ​​compulsory exploration and precise methods through shooting artwork. But, because this is the first person to shoot first homework does not mean that they all new good things for two decades. Headshots? Hell yeah. More physics and interaction? Bet. 3DRealms, Voidpoint and 1c Entertainment take both the good earth and cook all that they had done a blood meal.

• A real fan of classic shooters like Duke Nukem 3D, Qhawe Qhawe, and Blood.
• Hear the original engine yaseBUILD on steroids, you miss and ready to rock and after 20 years!
• Duck, jump, ride, swim, and blast your way through 7 exciting places filled with many levels mayhem!
• A fantastic game world collected from thousands of handmade crafts and sprites
• The arcane terrible destructive weapons, including many types of ammo and other unique ways of fire. The Revolution-barreled rebels, fireworks explosion, and bombs are wise and want to heat your closest friends!
• The classic & # 39; 90s FPS is your favorite action, with modern elements such as spot damage and seamless change.
• BENEFITING FROM ZERO technology. All levels are made by hand and filled in many ways, the effects of cool, panels and complicated setup!
• A soundtrack for recording containing true module music to be tracked, in true FastTracker 2 format


I started playing Xbox a lot thanks to Call of Duty online. Since then I haven't stopped playing competitive online.

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