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Is Microsoft buying Konami? There are good rumors



Is Microsoft buying Konami? There are good rumors


Is Microsoft buying Konami? There are good rumors. Ever since Konami announced that Silent Hill will not be exclusively for Tony, all sorts of rumors about the perfection of the frameworks have begun to spread. Originally, the Rely on Horror portal confirmed that Tony would own the main Konami, affecting Silent Hill, Carlloven and Metal Gear. The first would consist of two games; the reboot of the saga and the episodic sequel. In addition, the portal noted that Silent Hills, an unsuccessful Kojima Productions game, could be one of those projects. In the end, it was Konami himself who denied the rumors, even though he had just stated that the agreement would not be possible according to the terms indicated by the web.

But comparisons can be more advanced and less frequent than Microsoft's. At least, this is confirmed by wild rumors that have begun to spread on Twitter. Or it is a simple rumor and there is no basis for giving it credibility, it would be awesome if something like this kept happening. A tweet refers to a document published on the web Pastebin

, March 4, which outlines the agreement as follows:

Today between 10 pm. and at midnight (EST) Microsoft will finish buying the complete Konami catalog. The deal they were working on will cost Microsoft a lot, which will only finance Konami's new location. The Japanese company has been demanding that they perform research and development activities on “slot” devices.

Microsoft will continue to pay Konami for all the games the Japanese company has released, including future disasters. Only the new games, built from scratch, will give Microsoft 100 percent of the profits. Konami will return and reserve the rights to create Hardware slots based on previous +18 rating games they released earlier.

Under the agreement, Microsoft will be able to retain the employees who were fired after selling to improve the studio in Chou, Tokyo. Konami will also serve as a landmark for “Xbox Game Studios Tokyo”, for 12-18 months, allowing them to use the second floor of their current locations. All this while Microsoft is finalizing its plans to move or build its new space. “


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