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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Review




Since its origins go back to 2002, the Kingdom Hearts series has gone through so many different groups that it has been complex (and unavailable to all budgets) to master its history. A story with a clear increase in the complexity and demand of leading and adversarial parties. This complex in the form of darkness, has been able to travel over the globe and only a select few have been able to use Keyblade to launch it and live it.

When the third installment was announced at E3 2013 and its arrival on the Xbox family, many of us rubbed our hands at the possibility Square enix start a merger company, in one place, for the best Franchise delivery. And they were, but only for the comfort of Sony's desktop. So much so that the moment has not yet come until the month of February, with Kingdom Hearts III in the imagination of players for one year and the advent of expansion that opens doors to the new arc of the building.

Fortunately, we can only say that Sora and Co.'s departure is now available to Xbox users with two variants under his belt: Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter One. Are you ready to conquer darkness or will you be seduced and swallowed by it?

Technical section

Kingdom Hearts has been a model for profit since its inception. Profit because your real investment made it happen a delightful and unpleasant look It was never under age. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance makes no difference to this unwritten rule. Also, the development team has made numerous attempts to reduce the entire last drop of the engine to give, with the permission of the third installment, the largest conditions in the agreement. Its origins for the Nintendo handheld console are very obvious, but they go without saying that they look really good and that the 60 frames each second you go through, makes the fight very exciting and amazing.

A Journey Through the Kingdom of Darkness of the Kingdom of Hearts 0,2 Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage represents the other side of the coin. Designed for Unreal Engine 4, the same one that dresses up and looks like Kingdom Hearts III, it offers an image that is very similar to Drip Drop Distance, but with a platform that already represents the power produced by the current generation industry. Exhibition of the effects of light and particles on the eye-pleasing magic, and to decorate the scenes with a non-specific artistic design. Or the details, the characters' characters and their images that stand out in the heat of battle.

A life dedicated to music. This may summarize the function of Yoko Shimomura his need for life and music. He rests a little, and, even though his recognition comes before the start of Kingdom Hearts' departure, few of us know in advance of the great importance his music has had since he presided Turn your ideas into poems.

The poem turned into a show of light and darkness. It is a determining factor in its relationship to the image and is important for the narrative rhythm of the story. Every Japanese designer school is details and feelings, in short, are part of the engine of history. And with Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Final Chapter, this is a big accomplishment, because the melodies, along with the feeling of being in a dream world in a clockwork competition, turn the image and music into one.


An RPG is an indestructible genre that over the years has left untold moments in the imagination of encounters. Ever since the fight, he has been looking for alternatives. In his desire to look at the unique opportunities he offered, after all, in a real fight, Kingdom Hearts made it clear that he wanted to rely on this change, in a way to combat to completely control the freedom of our character

, to provide us with meetings where a well-thought-out strategy requires patience and practice. Over time, the Square Enix franchise has done its homework well to provide us with a program that fits our way of playing.

Regular reading program with Kingdom Hearts 0,2 Births in Sleep – Short Pass and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is very different from each other.

Master story by Master Aqua

An epilogue is a word linked to what closes the show; In the latter case, sometimes with an option, the top of which is to provide the details left for the job. Aqua, one of the lead parts of the series, was trapped in the Kingdom of Darkness after birthdays of sleep. What has happened since then? Kingdom Hearts 2 Births With Sleep – The Incredible Poster takes the name of marras to give us a description of what was his long-standing fight with Black


The kind of epilogue, and also a prelude, to be played before Kingdom of Hearts II. Why not say it. What we can point out is that the development of the story is very exciting. The story is, though dedicated hopelessness and sadness to bury the protagonist's willShe also promotes non-fatigue at any time, giving us a clear reason to live. After all, there is always a place to return, together with our loved ones.

This endless battle of despair also takes place when we reach arms. The combat system follows after other desktop games, but as happened later in Kingdom Hearts III, each time we perform an action, we will complete a meter that allows us to perform, once completed, the action Compatible with all actions performed so far. For example, if we synced magic based on the Lightning element, we might be able to spell the same family, but extremely wide range and damage.

In this way, combat development is achieved a new phase of the plan, because not everything is limited to the act of attacking, blocking and treating in undisclosed sequences. And as we talk about development, let's give yourself a few good words to improve the illumination of its variety. Various with a bunch of sections of platforms and small puzzles covering the fight. They may not be too numerous or complex respectively, but they do their best to diversify and contribute to greater wealth.

A trip to places known for dreams

What are dreams? We can take them as mental representations of images, thoughts and feelings. Ultimately, dreams are always based on the individual experience. Under this system, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance puts us just behind the scenes of Kingdom Hearts II so that Sora and Riku continue to do a special screening that will turn them into a Keyblade. Where? Instead of dreams, the exterior of several worlds lying and what his law is to awaken them.

The fact that its nature as a game originally created for physical comfort does not lead you to ambiguities. Aside from not wishing as a single desktop delivery, it has been able to advance, and resolve, all of the preparations for everything to come in Kingdom Hearts III, especially if we pay attention to the last minute downtime He does not allow us to breathe once.

A time trial is not an easy task. It has been important since we laid the first foot of the earth. Or during the trip we will control Sora and Riku, This is a unique campaign. The destination is directed from the Sopor meter that tells us how long the character has left until he falls asleep and then we move on to the next one. It can be seen that this reduces the speed of the game, and it does, but it only happens when it comes to the first stages of the game, where the means at our disposal are illuminated in its absence.

Later, we can extend these paragraphs as much as we want with a series of objects so that we can explore different situations more freely. And we will not hesitate to do so, because they are large, labyrinthine and with varying degrees of elevation, something we haven't been used to seeing since the first installment of the saga (linearity becomes common) and a few that we missed. Some may be somewhat hollow, but if we wish to explore all their corners, we will be rewarded with a number of chests in the form of various things.

In short, we gain freedom and lose the line. And while this is not the Oblivion Palace, it is losing something along the way. Our non-divisional partners Donald and Goofy are not part of the competition. For restoration, the creatures are united that transmit all kinds of grace and are called Onirids. They are four creatures a very colorful and stylish look behaving like enemies (Terrorists, those who eat good dreams and who plant bad dreams), but we can also hire them as support actors (Lidies, those who eat bad dreams). Their abilities are as varied as any species, because they will be able to unlock new abilities as they reach the top.

This will accompany us in the heat of battle that fits into a war system that brings together elements of the Kingdom Hearts Birthday Sleep and others that fit into the lump that affects us. The most important addition to movement of characters, because now we can take advantage of the various elements of the scene to travel at full speed. We can do big jumps, bends or bends; Actions that, if we combine them with our offensive commands, will result in a more aggressive attack on our opponents. In this way, the world is no longer just a decorative item, but a lot better (and more organic) if you use it in your heads.


In the Kingdom of Darkness, time does not transmit the same to reality. Several years may pass overseas, but there they become a moment. This is how it is explained that Master Aqua survived a decade of imprisonment while looking for a way out and that is why we find the reason for the Kingdom's Sixth Birthday Births at Sleep – Key Line: like a sigh. Its kind of a layer for use, it also allocates its short duration. After all, winning this adventure will not take us more than two hours. Time, of course, though it may seem insufficient, is likely to extend a little appreciation for the inclusion of several collections and the compelling forces that extend us all over the landscape.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is another song, as it follows behind our older brothers with the goal of giving us less than 25 hours of playing time due to its two leading parts. Anyway, it's not as perfect as the rest of the delivery, because our only wish after completing the adventure is based on the victories of the bosses we've seen, but also with great difficulty, as well. one secret that will test our ability in controls.

The latest Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Discovery chapter is available on the Kingdom Hearts Back Cover, a feature film and announcement of the plot in the form of a prequel set for many years before the birthdays. Here they tell us a story about Augures, the original Keyblade Masters ordered by the Master Master. And we call the announcement of intent, because if we set aside that the rhythm of the tape is slower, especially if we are hiding it in its short time, at least expand the whole world of the Kingdom's hearts.

The expansion promises to have future consequences and that will continue to leave bread crumbs in case we start from Kingdom Hearts Union Cross (Cross), the original source for this feature film, and its ongoing regeneration.


An appetizer is a drink or a small amount of food before meals. Something that should be satisfying and powerful. If you do it right, it's no wonder that one herb leads to another and, this, to the next, so that users around the world keep food down the pot after they have completely opened their stomach.

Although it is imperfect and looks like the previous combination, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Finale fulfills the purpose of being a fitting introduction to the great lesson it has already tasted over the past year: The third installment of the saga, at the same time an ideal opportunity for Xbox players to enrich their knowledge towards the franchise with over 15 years of history.

An opportunity for the series, which once stood out for Sony and Nintendo is downgrading their journey with Kingdom Hearts III it did not come to its end. After all, the results of the Dark Wanter saga are only the beginning of a certain path we will go through all of them. The novel is being uplifted and that's when we face endless and yet unanswered questions, facing a very long future.

We thank Koch Media for the content provided for this analysis.


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